Established in 2011, Forever Friends Animal Rescue Inc. is a registered charity run by animal-loving volunteers.
We are staffed entirely by volunteers, receive no government funding, and rely on the community for donations and support.
We are governed by a management committee and currently have in excess of 600 active volunteers.

To date we have saved more than 4,000 lives (2017).

Our Mission is to rescue animals from death-row and find them loving forever homes.

We achieve this:

Via our volunteer-run statewide fostering network consisting of carers, transporters, trainers and behaviourists

Through fundraising events, campaigns, merchandise and partnerships

By educating and raising awareness of responsible pet ownership, and the sad realities of puppy farms and backyard breeding.


Zephyr Update

Thanks to our amazing donors, Zephyr was able to undergo a double luxating patella surgery. His devoted foster carers looked after him throughout his recovery and of course, his darling dad Occy, [...]

Sally Update

Sally has now been in foster care with us for almost seven months. It’s certainly been a roller coaster ride. Thanks to donors such as yourself, Sally underwent double knee surgery which [...]

Winnie Update

Hi friends! An update on gorgeous little Winnie and to thank our supporters once again for donating to her surgery appeal. Winnie was able to undergo hip surgery thanks to the money raised from [...]

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