All of our rescue pets are housed with loving foster carers across Victoria.

We do not operate a shelter. By placing our pets in foster homes, we get to know our animals much more thoroughly: we learn what they are like with other pets, with children, the elderly, the training they may need and the sort of home they are best suited to.

Our rescue pets are all temperament-tested, desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea-treated.


The benefits of choosing to adopt rather than purchasing a pet are countless! Here are just a few:

  • You are saving a life
  • Your rescue pet is desexed, microchipped and vaccinated
  • Adopting is more affordable than purchasing from a pet shop or breeder
  • You are helping fight puppy farms (reducing the supply and demand of factory-farmed pets)
  • Immeasurable unconditional love
  • Studies have shown that having a pet can extend your life while improving your overall happiness and health. Pet ownership also helps reduce depression, stress, anxiety and many other ailments
  • Enjoy exercise and endless socialising opportunities with your canine friend
  • You will change a homeless animal’s whole world and they will love you for it!


Take a browse through our animals available for adoption (green box above) and check back regularly as we rescue new animals every day.

Should you see an animal that you think could suit your lifestyle, follow the prompts from Pawtal, FFAR’s custom designed animal management portal. It only takes two minutes to register for Pawtal and your details will not be passed onto anyone else.

Upon receiving your completed form, if you sound like a good match for the rescue pet and vice versa, we will arrange a no-obligation meet and greet for you. After this introduction, we give you time to think about it and let us know your feelings the next day.

If you want to proceed with an adoption, we then conduct a property inspection to ensure the safety of your new family member.

We offer a four-week trial and the services of our professional behaviourists during that time, free of charge, should you have any settling-in issues.

If the adoption doesn’t work out for any reason, we will take your rescue animal back for a full refund within those four weeks. We will also take your pet back into our care if you become unable to care for them at any time. A bit like a no-risk guarantee! We are committed to the care of each rescue pet for the remainder of their life.



  • Many people assume that rescue animals have something wrong with them. This is absolutely not true! In most cases they have ended up homeless through no fault of their own. For example, there might have been a change in their owner’s circumstances, such as ill health, divorce, moving to a smaller dwelling, financial difficulties, etc.
  • In many cases, the animals who have been surrendered to shelters were loving and loyal members of a family but have suddenly found themselves in an unfamiliar environment, restrained in a small space with many other stressed and frightened animals.
  • Neglectful or abusive owners do not provide their pets with attention, interaction, socialisation or training, and have not treated their pets with the respect, appreciation and love they deserve. Animals from these households often enter pounds as strays and are never reclaimed.
  • Puppies and kittens need rescuing too! Not all homeless pets are adult or seniors. We rescue animals of all ages.
  • Around 30 per cent of pets who find themselves in pounds and shelters are purebreds. You don’t need to pay thousands to a breeder for a specific breed of pet.



Mouse or rat problem? Solved!

Forever Friends Animal Rescue has Working Cats available for your property. They will ward off mice and rats, with no need for the ongoing use of poison. These cats are like any other cat except that they are wary of human touch. We believe they still deserve to have happy and healthy lives. They are ideal residents for safe, sheltered barns, warehouses or factories. Adopt a Working Cat and you will have environmentally-friendly rodent control while saving a cat’s life.

FFAR requires that Working Cats are fed cat food at least once a day, and receive veterinary care when needed. Depending on where you live, we may be able to assist with catching them for vet visits. Working Cats’ adoption fees are heavily discounted. And, of course, they come desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and vet-checked.

To Adopt a working cat, contact us 

Cameron & Liam