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Hi friends, We are getting in touch to provide you with an update on gorgeous Badger and to thank you once again for your generous donation towards his ear surgery. Because of YOUR financial support, Badger was able to have the surgery he so desperately needed. Badger was moved between foster carers to ensure he had around-the-clock care. It was in his last foster home where he has since stayed because they fell in love with him and ‘foster failed!’ Here is a message from his adopter: “Badger is highly intelligent and highly emotional. Deep down he is just like a big puppy. He is very gentle with people and he gives hugs with such tenderness. I can tell Badger has been through a lot emotionally and physically. Amazingly this hasn’t stopped him from trusting people. He insists on greeting anyone who enters the home with a hug and they will be his focus of attention until they leave. When I come home he greets me standing on his hind legs with his front paws above his head – it’s just adorable! Initially FFAR thought Badger was deaf but post-surgery, he has been able to regain some hearing, within close range, so he’s not completely deaf! He now lives with three cats and another dog. He and Bonnie, a nine-year-old English staffy, fell in love at first sight. They are a perfect match! They play constantly, sometimes finding enjoyment in destroying household items…. He absolutely loves his walks and seeing other dogs – he squeals with excitement. I’m sure it’s not as loud in his head as it sounds to me! Badger’s happiness is obvious, his tail never stops wagging and he has such a happy face.” Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping Badger to live a pain-free life and to regain some hearing. The FFAR Family x

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