Brucey Update

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Hi everyone,

We wanted to get in touch to thank you once again for your generous donation towards Brucey’s dental treatment. And to provide you with an update on how he is going.

From a timid, scared and grumpy cat, Brucey has become one of the most affectionate cats you’ve ever met. He has come such a long way since his surgery!

Two days after his dental extractions, Brucey made friends with every single cat in his household, including one of the most scared cats anyone has ever seen. Head butts and smooching are a common occurrence now in his household.

Brucey had to have all of his teeth removed but it has resulted in a much happier life for him. Now that he has fully recovered, his foster carer simply can’t bear to live without him and has decided to foster fail. Thank you so much for allowing this boy to live a happy and pain free life!


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