Eddie Update

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Hi everyone,

Whilst some time has passed, Forever Friends Animal Rescue always endeavors to provide an update on animals whom people have helped rescue. You are one of those people.

You generously donated towards Eddie’s eye removal surgery. As you can see from the attached photos, he is very happy and content in his forever home. Because of you, we were able to seek the treatment he needed and place him up for adoption.

Eddie’s adopter provided us with this update:

“I call Eddie my puppy soul mate and our doggy angel. We thought we saved Eddie by adopting him, when in fact he saved us.

We lost my brother in 2015 and I thought a dog would help heal our hearts. Eddie came to us and within a couple of weeks it was like he had lived here his whole life.

Dad and I lost mum this year in May and Eddie has been an incredible form of therapy for us.

I can’t thank FFAR and everyone who donated so that Eddie could have his eye removed and cataracts treated enough. Eddie’s missing eye doesn’t really affect him at all. He’s as playful as a pup and the smoochiest boy I’ve ever met.

Eddie came into our lives when we needed him more than we realised.
I love this boy with all my heart.”

Thank you again for all of your continued support.


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