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Dear friends,

We are writing to thank you most sincerely for your generous donation towards Ella’s surgery costs, and to provide you with an update on this beautiful girl.

Following Ella’s ACL repair (one of the four main ligaments within the knee), she was taken home to rest and recuperate with her foster carer. Initially Ella would only fall asleep lying next to her doting carer, so a giant bed was moved into the bedroom and she was soon snoring like a trucker!

It wasn’t long before Ella’s foster carer fell in love and she was officially ‘foster failed’. Simply put, her foster carer ended up adopting her!

Ella started off her exercise regime with short walks which saw her limp improve dramatically. Sadly, her arthritis still makes movement a bit challenging.

She spends her days in one of her four beds around the house – three inside and one outside! She LOVES rolling around in the grass and kicks, snorts and flips her way across the yard.

Her diet is out of this world! Phuds with rabbit, roo or chicken mince plus Phuds Joint Yoga, golden paste and an egg or yoghurt. Glucosamine biscuits and carrots as a snack. Meloxicam reduces her pain.

Ella was also lucky enough to get training from Pawfectionist to lessen her aggression towards other pooches. She’s progressing well.

Ella is very much considered ‘one of the family’ and regularly visits with my parents, with the use of a ramp to get her out of the car safely. My little nieces and nephews love her! Every night when I get home from work she lumbers out to greet me and no matter how bad my day was, she always makes me smile. Despite finding cancer in her breasts recently, she’s doing remarkably well. A safe loving home, comfort, loads of cuddles and affection make her life a pretty good one!” – Adopter

Thanks to your donation, Ella is being given a second chance at life and boy she’s being spoilt rotten – just as she deserves!

The FFAR Family x

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