Ferg & Arty Update

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Hi friends, As donors of our recent Arty and Ferg campaign, we wanted to get in touch to thank you once again for your support and provide you with an update on their progress! Because of YOUR financial support, we were able to supply both Arty and Ferg with the treatment they needed and we are thrilled to let you know they are both very much alive and well! Fergus is five weeks post-surgery and he is recovering beautifully. He is more agile than ever before and is loving life, skipping and running around! Arty also recovered from her joint-ill really well. The intramuscular antibiotics did the trick and she is back to her normal, happy, playful self. They are both up to mischief all the time and thoroughly enjoy eating everything! Their carer is currently building them a ‘goat park’ so they have plenty to do all day. Thank you so very much for your donation, it truly saved the lives of both Ferg and Arty. The FFAR Family x

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