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Hi everyone,

Whilst some time has passed, Forever Friends Animal Rescue always endeavors to provide an update on animals whose medical treatment was only made possible thanks to generous donations.

Approximately 12 months ago, you kindly made a donation towards Lottie the dog. Lottie had cancer in her leg which had been left so long that amputation was the only way to prolong her life. Whilst we knew it wouldn’t fix the problem, we desperately wanted to give her every chance.

Thanks to your donation, we were able to carry out this surgery and Lottie was placed into long-term palliative foster care where she experienced love, warmth and security from a very dedicated woman. Sadly, in March of this year, Lottie succumbed to cancer. We wanted to share with you, a beautiful message from Lottie’s foster carer.

“The moment I picked Lottie up from the pound I was in love! I knew she was very special. She was the most beautiful, amazing girl who spoke to you with her big brown eyes, almost like she had been here before. She was loved by everyone who met her.

After Lottie had her leg amputated she was so happy! It didn’t seem to bother her at all as her cancerous leg was unusable anyway, and she was just dragging it around.

Lottie was great for a while and then started coughing. That’s when she had additional surgery, this time on her throat. She had paralysis laryngitis on both sides. During her post-surgery check-up, it was discovered that she had secondary cancer in her lungs. We had no way of knowing how long she had, anywhere from one to six months.

We made the most of the time we had together. After six months she began to have trouble walking so I started carrying her until she really started to struggle. It was then that I decided it was time to put her to sleep. This was done in my backyard. Finally, she was at peace. She was such a beautiful soul, she was amazing and I was able to treat her like a queen.”

Lottie’s foster carer shared these photos which were taken a week before Lottie passed.

Thank you so very much for enabling FFAR to prolong Lottie’s life so she could be spoilt rotten and experience love before she passed away.

FFAR family xx

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