Twistie Update

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Hi friends, We wanted to say a huge thank you for your support of our Twistie appeal and provide you with an update on how the little guy is going! Because of YOUR financial support, we were able to provide Twistie with the treatment he needed to pull through. Here is a message from his foster carer who couldn’t part with him and decided to adopt him after all they had been through together. “Twistie is a very healthy and happy young man now. In fact, he’s the fattest cat in the house! I no longer have any concerns about his health, I just have to watch what he eats as he has a sensitive stomach. As long as his diet is controlled then there’s no worries. He is absolutely food obsessed and lives with two other cats and two dogs. It’s safe to say he is loving life!” Thank you for your generous donation towards Twistie’s treatment, it really did save his life. The FFAR Family x

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