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Hi friends!

An update on gorgeous little Winnie and to thank you to our supporters once again for donating to her surgery appeal.

Winnie was able to undergo hip surgery thanks to the money raised from her appeal. Unfortunately she had to have a second follow-up surgery as she developed a bone spur which was impeding her recovery.

She still has a lot of muscle wastage in this leg and is undergoing physiotherapy (including running through shallow water at the beach!) to try and encourage her to use it and develop strength.

Winnie still has a way to go but her devoted foster carers are supporting her every step of the way and looking for just as devoted adopted parents! Her loving gentle nature continues to shine and we hope to see her in the most loving and dedicated forever home very soon where she can continue her journey with her forever family.

To enquire about adoption, visit this link & read through Winnie’s profile:

From the FFAR family (especially Winnie!) – thank you for your donation and support x

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