Joe AKA Hulk

Would you believe Joe is an 18 month young boofa?! We think he is a cross between a staffy and possibly rottie.

He is a big boy, coming in at roughly 45kg so his new carer(s) must be dedicated and have experience handling big dogs. Joe is a people lover through and through, and is more than happy to show it with play and cuddles.

Due to his size and history Joe’s MUST haves in a carer are as follows
??Big Dog experience
?? A back yard for play/exercise
??A pet-free foster home (not even birds)

Joe is happy to socialise with other dogs similar in size but if separation is needed, you will need to bring all your muscles. You will receive full support from our experienced team including a case manager and dog behaviourist to assist you every step of the way. Plus, all vet costs covered by us!

If you think you fit the above description, and can open up your home to this big boof, please send through an enquiry and tell us a bit about yourself


Hello there! I’m Marlee!

I’m a loving affectionate young (approximately 2) girl who would love to smother my human with cuddles and kisses.

I simply ADORE belly scratches and I love to talk, telling you all about my day. And what a day it could be… snoozes in my bed, playing with my kits, running amuck in our outdoor enclosure, the list goes on and on and on!

I’m fully litter trained, I use a scratching post and allow my nails to be clipped (surprise!).

I’m currently on Royal Canin Mother and kitten dry food along with my beautiful 3 kittens (all currently going through their adoptions) I would greatly benefit from continuing on with Royal Canin indoor adult cat dry food.

As you can see, I have a beautiful, unique coat and it sure makes me one of a kind! My foster mum and case manager agree that this will make me stand out in the crowd, so don’t hesitate, I will find my forever home before you know it!


Meet Max.

Max is a sweet natured kitten who is learning that people are not so scary. He will require a human who will be patient for him to settle and get to know you.

He will purr when being petted, but loves racing around the house chasing his toys. He enjoys climbing the cat tree, and the furniture.

He is currently living happily with dogs and other cats, but is very wary of young children.

If there is a whiff of BBQ chicken in the air, he may bribed for pats.

Max is litter tray trained and will be available for adoption after the 23rd December 2020.

Max is located in Narre Warren.


Hunter and Petra are a mother and son scaredy cat pair. Petra was brought into care with her babies and juggled her new environment and being a mama. Hunter is nervous around humans though he is getting better every day, and he will come out of his shell very soon. He is very fond of his Mumma Petra and they spend a lot of time cuddled up together.

Petra is a very loving mother who has struggled to settle in with people (most likely due to her always worrying about her little kittens!). She absolutely adores her little ones and will do absolutely anything for them. She is quite a gentle and young cat still so she’s sure she will settle in with the right family. She occasionally ventures out of her room to play with the kittens then gets caught in the act!

Being so young and with so much on her young shoulders, Petra is looking for a kind and loving family to show her the world will look after her and her son. She likes to make it seem as though she is to be feared with hisses and the occasional jump scares, but is ultimately Petra is a softie. She will keep to herself and her baby until the food comes out.


Lyon is incredibly loving and loyal to those who are patient and dedicated to working with him to build his confidence with humans. Lyon is very shy with strangers (a guy’s gotta keep himself safe!) and will take a lot longer to trust new people. However, if you are prepared to give Lyon the time, love and gentle encouragement you will be rewarded by being on the receiving end of an extremely loving cat. In time he will shower you with love, enjoy a never-ending supply of kisses, knead you, make air biscuits, greet you with his lion cub sounds and will want to be your warm, fur-powered blanket in winter. He will soothe you to sleep with his turbo-powered purr, and make you laugh with his chattiness, saying the cutest things. Lyon is a disciplined dude and likes to go to bed at 10pm and wake up early. You will not need an alarm clock.

 The ladies.
 To play – with his person or by himself.
 Lots of indoor space to explore, and vantage points to birdwatch.
 The great outdoors – but only in a secure outdoor enclosure (a fenced yard will not suffice).
 A friendly feline companion.

 Men or children – if they live in the home or visit regularly, Lyon is not the cat for you.
 Being picked up.
 Dogs

 Are you a quiet, loving and very patient female homebody?
 One who would like to wake up with a house lion?
 A lion who wants nothing more than to be with you, sunbathe, play games and, at the end of the day, curl up in bed with you?
…. Then, Lyon may be the one for you.

Lyon is located in Altona North.

For more information about Lyon, please click the enquiry button.