You’ll need a little bit of patience and some time to win her affection, but once Silvi is settled in her new home she will show you just how affectionate she really is.

Silvi is a shy girl initially and ideally would like a calm, quiet home with no other pets and no small children. Older kids may be fine, as long as they can respect that she needs her space.

One of Silvi’s favourite activities is watching the TV, she’s a Netflix and Chill kinda kitty. She also loves to play with her favourite toy and she is content to sleep the day away!

If you want a short cut to win her affection, food is your friend. Silvi loves her food and you will soon become her favourite person!

Silvi is still learning about the world around her so this means loud noises scare her. She is not keen on forced interactions and prefers if you do things at her pace.

Due to Silvi beautiful colouring, she will require an indoor-only lifestyle, to protect her features from the harsh Australian sun.

Silvi is located in Bentleigh.


Meet Maria!

Maria is the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet, as if she was made out of fairy floss. She is looking for her forever home where she will shower her humans with all the affection she has to give. She will make sure that she knows that you are loved and she will follow you around the house keeping you company.

You can tell her all about your day when you get home.

Maria is not really shy and she is friendly with other cats. Could you be her forever home?


Meet Nick!

Nick is a human oriented cat, he loves to follow his human everywhere and chat about each others day.

He has an appetite, sometimes you might think his tummy is an endless void as he really can eat! He loves to play with humans and cats alike and is a curious cat. Nick can take all the kisses on his face that you can give him.

Could you be Nicks forever home?


Meet Chyna-Rae!

Imagine you are lying down and suddenly you see a furry ball on top of you, that is Chyna!
Her addiction is humans lying down, that’s her favorite nap spot!
She has an amazing soul and she likes to show how beautiful she is.

She is very playful, always going after the next play session but as mentioned before, she also loves to take naps on top of her human family.

Could you be her forever home?


Hi, my name is Panda and I’m waiting patiently to go to my furr-ever home.

I enjoy sleeping on my own and in the sun, although if you place me on your lap or in bed with you, I’ll stay.

I’m quiet and calm and I haven’t been around children.

Please love and look after me.