Hi, I’m Bronte and I’m on the hunt for a family that will love me as much as I will love them. I’m a small cat with big paws and an even bigger personality!

I love playing with tennis balls and ping pong balls and any other toys. Cardboard boxes are also really fun! I love attention and cuddles and sometimes find myself having to tell my foster mum off when she forgets to give me all the cuddles. I like to be close to my foster mum all the time so I can see what she’s doing. Sometimes I lose her and have to call out for her to come find me.

I’m a pretty good girl though. If I do something wrong you can tell me no and I stop doing what I’m doing. And I’ll even scratch the cat post and NOT your furniture!

I do tolerate my foster sister, but I would much prefer to be an only cat. I’m best suited to a family with older children or adult household, as sometimes I do try to see how much of your arm I can fit in my mouth. I don’t bite though it’s all just play and I would never hurt you .

My tummy gets a bit upset with wet food, so I do need a special diet. I love raw food and kitty biscuits.

I also have a grade one heart murmur, which doesn’t slow me down. However I may require extra vet check ups in the future. But overall I am in pretty good health!

Bronte is located in Cranbourne.


Hello! My name is Moose. I have been loving life at my foster carers but now I am looking for my forever home! Could you be the right one?
A little about me…

I am 2 and half years old and I am a beautiful, gentle sweet girl. I am confident and love my people. I love to show you affection and enjoy sitting on your lap, kneading your chest, headbutting your legs and I even like being picked up now and again. I like to follow my humans around the house and chat with them, especially in the morning and evening. During the day I like to sleep the day away in a warm spot. I am playful in short bursts, usually after I have eaten, I do zoomies and play with my toys.
Speaking of food, I love it, in fact I am a little obsessed! The vet says I am a bit chonky and need to lose some weight so my foster carer is strict with my food and feeds me using a puzzle toy so that I do not stuff in my food all at once.

I am FIV+ and although I am otherwise healthy, this means that I need to be an indoor cat only and cannot live with other cats. I have not been tested with dogs. I live in an apartment with my foster carers and I am very content living in a smaller space.
A note from my foster carer: Moose is such a special girl and slotted into life with us from day one. She is so gentle, sweet, and very funny. We would absolutely adopt her but we are planning on moving overseas at some point so we cannot commit to having a pet permanently.


Pepper is a confident and affectionate little girl who just loves attention! She is very playful but when it comes to bedtime loves to snuggle in and you can hear her purr from the other side of the room.

She is great with other cats and is good around dogs (big or small). Pepper would be a great addition to a family household – she is a big personality and would love the fun and interaction that comes with a busier household.

She is deaf but doesn’t let that hold her back! She will need to be an indoor cat because of this and because of her fair colour!

This happy-go-lucky girl is a once-in-a-lifetime cat!


Bud is a loveable boxer x staffy approximately 2 years old. When Bud first came into care he was very nervous and wary. He has come a long way but can still be shy and take time to settle into a new environment or around new people.

Bud has had some time with another confident dog where he thrived so Bud’s ideal new family will have another dog who can continue to teach him to play and become more confident. Bud hasn’t quite mastered walking on a lead and will often lay down and not want to walk. However, he is
fine having a little run around a backyard and doesn’t mind that he can’t go on long walks just yet.

Bud doesn’t mind being left at home while people are at work and will quite happily relax in the backyard and lay in the sun or chew on a bone. Bud is toilet trained, he loves being around people once he is comfortable with them, being inside with people and loves cuddles and pats. He is also happy to travel in the car.

Bud would be best suited to an adult/ older child home, he enjoys a quiet lifestyle so this would be the best option for him.


**Please do not apply if you do not have the time or patience to work through Honey’s reactivity issues when she’s out on a walk. She never left her yard in her previous home so needs time to become confident in the big wide world**

Honey is a 4 year old female German Short-Haired Pointer x Bull Arab. She is the smartest and most loving and loyal dog. When Honey first came into care she did not have any basic obedience, but she has come such a long way while in care. Honey is fully house trained, has never destroyed anything while in care and sleeps well through the night on her own in the living room. Honey knows to sit, go to her bed, wait for her food and is learning to drop and stay.

Prior to arriving in Forever Friends’ care, Honey had never left her backyard, and it was clear she had recently had a litter of pups. Her owner surrenderred her as they had too many dogs. Honey is currently living with a young labrador, but she is not very tolerant of high-energy play styles so slow introductions and supervision would be required if she were to live with another dog.

Honey is still learning to be comfortable with the outside world. She needs someone who will gradually build her confidence with the distractions of the big wide world, because at present she is fearful and reactive of lots of triggers (other dogs, bikes, skateboards etc).

Honey does not exhibit any separation anxiety and once she is settled in her new home, she would be fine to be left alone, while her family goes to work, especially if she has a Kong filled with yummy treats, a horn or a hoof or a juicy bone to entertain herself with.

Ideally Honey’s new home will have a medium/large yard for her to run in and a family committed to taking her for 1-2 daily walks. She would greatly benefit from ongoing obedience training. She would do best as either an only dog in a household or with a very calm dog. No cats or kids.