This boy truly is divine – he is sweet, affectionate, cheeky, playful, well-mannered, gentle, goofy and social. He really is the whole package!

His ideal home will have a backyard and another medium-large dog for companionship. He is not suited to small dogs, cats or pocket pets. He is toilet trained and crate trained.

Rocket first came into foster care as a very boisterous and energetic pup with no manners, no training and no social skills. With a routine, boundaries and the guidance of his foster brother and sister, he has come so far! He loves the dog park and playing with other dogs but will still need direction from you in this area as he can start to get rough if he’s over-excited.

He’s extremely clever but can be stubborn at times so you’ll need to have patience when teaching him new skills. He also loves to dig! So if you don’t want your backyard landscaped you’ll need to make sure Rocket gets plenty of mental and physical stimulation, or even better, get him a sandpit!

You are guaranteed to fall head over heels for this cuddly boy, so if you think you can provide the very best hole for him, please enquire!


I am a very handsome young man with so much love to give.
I look like a lion but I have got a sweet meow like a kitten.

Dangling fishy and toys are my favorite and I love jumping around while trying to catch it.

I LOVE cats and would prove to be your cat’s best friend.

I am still little bit shy and hence, my foster parents would recommend that I start my journey with a small room or a pet that I can get used to you and you can pat me to your heart’s content.
Did I mention I LOVE pats?

My foster mum calls me baby Koala because when she picks me up I wrap myself around her arms and rest my head on her shoulder.
When she pats me, I try to groom her hands..I love her SO much!
She says that I am going to make a lucky person/family very happy when I find my purrfect forever home.

I love my hoomans and I constantly purr like a motor engine when they pat me but I get really skittish with loud noises, so I would suit a quiet home and a home with no tiny hoomans.

With constant love and attention, I would prove to be your and your cat’s best friend!

I am an INDOOR only cat.


Bonnie is a sweet girl looking for an experienced & committed owner.
She is absolutely affectionate with her human and loves all the attention. She is a perfect guard dog and will definitely make sure the “intruder” knows about that with her intimidating bark.

She needs a slow introduction to strangers but once she is comfortable all she wants is for you to throw a ball and reward her with some yummy treats when she catches it and brings it back to you.
Things she doesn’t like include (but not limited to):
1) other dogs – she is not a fan of other dogs but if you tell her to leave it and give her a treat and tell her she does well she is happy to walk away…most of the time
2) any other animals – all she wants to do is to chase chase chase
3) motorcycle (and whoever is on it…sorry)
4) bus – only when it gets too close.

Don’t worry there are also a lot of things she loooves, including her family, her food, daily exercise and cuddles, the order may change time to time but you will definitely be on the list. She will be the happiest dog if she gets at least two walks everyday and have a cuddle with her family at night to watch some TV.

She is a very funny and cheeky girl with just a few nervous tendencies so she needs to be the only pet home with adults only or a family with older kids who are willing to committed to ongoing training.

Please enquire to meet this gorgeous snuggly girl.


Maple came into care with her kittens, who have found their forever homes. Now it is Maple’s turn for her happy ever after.

Maple is a shy cat, who had a tough start after her early years on the streets. She has now experienced what an indoor-only lifestyle with caring humans has to offer… and she’s starting to like it!

From a kitty who was very afraid of humans, she now loves pats, especially on the top of her head and under her chin. She’s not a lap cat but will happily sit by you and follow you around the house.

Maple would suit a patient owner who is able to provide her with a quiet and secure environment. She’d also prefer you were home quite often; perfect if you regularly work from home.

In this new environment, Maple will likely hide and may hiss, however once you get past this she’s an adorable cat. You will be rewarded with a loyal companion!

Maple would like a home with just one or two humans to dote on her (no children please). She’d also like to be your one and only, so a home with no other animals.

Maple is located in Pascoe Vale South.

If you feel you could offer a safe and loving sanctuary for Maple, click the enquiry button.

Bach now Bucky

The giant lap dog/camping buddy you didn’t know you needed.
Bucky loves all people big and small.
He’s great with kids, but doesn’t know his size so either older children or kids that can handle all his love. He’s good with other dogs and would prefer for him to go to a home with a calm female dog around his size.
He loves his people so will thrive with either having someone home more of often than not or a doggy companion.
Bucky loves his walks and will tell you when he’s ready to go. He loves to have a chat. He’s good on lead with his halti but still needs a strong person to walk him as he is such a big boy.
This beautiful boy can’t wait to meet his forever family, send through an enquiry if you feel your family might be what he’s looking for.