Michael is a 5 year old very lovable, cuddly character who has spent some time on the streets and in the pound before coming to live with his foster family at Forever Friends Animal Rescue – and he is extremely appreciative of living the good life!

He will reward you with love and cuddles and warms up to new people almost instantly. His favorite location is spread across the couch or at the end of the bed.

When patted Michael purrs and sticks his tongue out. He is quite the character and impossible not to fall in love with!

He is a bit hesitant using a kitty litter tray and often prefers the shower… but fortunately will never toilet in the bedroom or living spaces.

Michael is FIV+ and in the past has been diagnosed with alopecia. Michael is eating prescription food to manage his skin condition which is controlled by the food.

Due to being FIV+ Michael must be the only cat in the family or he can be rehomed with another FIV+ kitty.

*Medical notes:*

Michael is FIV+ and in the past has been diagnosed with alopecia. Special food that you buy off the shelf at pet stores controls his alopecia.

Michael is desexed, vaccinated, flea and worm treated.


Hurro! I’m Cardi, nice to meet you!

Let me tell you a little about myself! I enjoy human company and will happily follow you around for funsies.. I have been told I’m a bit of a bed hog (dog!). I am an enthusiastic greeter and will meet you at the door with a jump and a hug as soon as I can! Sometimes I get full of beans (not sure how they get there) but am also happy to snooze the day away…

I’m still learning to be ok with walking in public and currently doing 2 walks a day or 1 long one – I do have a bit of strength in me when I get a little spooked or I’ve hit the jackpot in the local smells… mmmm food…. I like to stop and smell the roses but happy to have a little energy booster and have a little run too! I am also still learning some manners like sit and wait but working on these with my foster mum (I tend to do better when there’s an edible insentive!), can you please help me get better at this?

While I’m not dog reactive, I am generally curious to say hello but will require super slow introductions to other doggos. I can get frightened easily so will need to continue working on that. My anxiety sometimes causes me to freeze or run, if something I don’t like is coming towards me.

I love my goat horns to chew on, as well as rope toys, they’re my favourite, what are your favourite toys?

I love kids and teens but am a bit hesitant of adult males and while this isn’t a deal breaker, your patience and understanding is needed in this department. I may be ok to settle in with a more confident doggo to show me the ropes (mmm rope toys) but again, slow and easy does it. I currently live with my foster sibling cat who has shown me that he rules the home, and that’s fine by me… every now and then I sneak a little nap in his bed!

I am a healthy and fit lady, I do get a little carsick so this will need to be taken into account if you’re planning on any long roadtrips with me!

**Please note that all meet and greets and yard checks are curren


Meet Inferno

This friendly and affectionate kitty will melt your heart. He loves cuddles and will continuously purr and lick you to let you know how much he loves you.

He is a very gentle kitten that never bites or scratches (so will be great with kids) and gets along well with other cats.

Inferno is a quirky little guy that runs around with a toy bird while growling and trying to drown it in his water bowl. He loves his food and will eat anything and everything.

He is a playful and friendly kitten that demands attention. He only meows when it’s meal time or he wants cuddles. He is the purrfect companion for anyone who loves cat cuddles.

On top of seeking a wonderful forever family, Inferno is also seeking an indoor-only lifestyle.

Do you think you could handle a super affectionate “hunk-a-hunk of burning love” kitty? If so, click the enquiry button.

Inferno is located in Brunswick.


Hi, my name is Snowy!

I am a sweet, affectionate young lady looking for my furever home. My foster mummy calls me her Velcro baby, as I love to follow her and snuggle every chance I get. It did take me some time to become Velcro baby as I can sometimes be shy, but once I trust you, I will love, love LOVE you! I still sometimes get a little scared by loud noises and quick movements, but hey – who doesn’t?

I would love a furever home that is cruisy and quiet, just like me… Except when I purr – my foster mummy says I purr like a steam train! I don’t really like other furkids, so would love to be the one and only furbaby to rule my hoomans.

Because of my pretty white fur, I need to find a home where I am inside only. That sun will be mean to my skin otherwise. I have a few scabs on my ears which will need to be monitored.
As I will be an indoor-only kitty, I’d like lots of indoor space to explore.

The vet person also found some yucky teeth when they desexed me, so took most of them out (they left the lucky 2). I feel so much better now that they are gone, and I am still clever enough to eat both wet and dry food. My gums are all healed and will not need any special care moving forward.

Do you think that you could be my furever family?

Snowy is currently located in Caulfield North.

Diesel (with Dexie)

Hello there,

We are two sweet senior brothers – Dexie (11 yo) and Diesel (9 yo).
We have always been part of a family but recently we found ourselves in a shetler when our hoomans had to move and couldnt take us due to unavoidable circumstances.

I am Dexie (11 year old) and I am the the elder one. You can recognise me by my magnificient tux. I love people and I am quite confident. I would start asking for pats and cuddles the moment I meet you.
I love our foster parents and during daytime, I supervise their work when they are working from home by climbing and settling on their desk and during nighttime, I curl up next to them or on their lap when they are watching TV. I have a very soft and long fur, and would benefit from regular brushing.
Did I tell you we love love pats and snuggles? I will seek you out throughout the day to be close to you and to give you a hug or a headbob.

My younger 9 year old brother Diesel is relatively shy but dont take his shyness as his reservation against hoomans. He LOVES people just as much as I do but takes time to start showing the same. He loves pats and is very affectionate. He is likely to look for a hiding spot for first few days until he feels relaxed to come out.
He too loves to curl up next to our foster mum while she is watching the TV or is working. He is the short haired one and looks as striking as me. Checkout his video to see how relaxed he is!

Our daily routine includes checking on the neighbors, passing pooches, flying birds through the window, snoozing in sunlight, supervising the work our hoomans are doing and getting pats and kisses from them.
We would love a house where we can get lots of sunny spots to snooze in and a great window to observe the world passing by.

Oh and did I mention that we both are gigantic!
We would prefer a house where we are the only furbabies (but don’t mind company) and we would love to have a hooman company around us as much as possible.