Hi I’m Ali – your typical strong-willed, smart and sassy staffy. Im only 18 months so very much still a puppy with energy to burn. I love my chew toys though – the more interesting and robust the better!
I am doing well at resting/sleeping/snoring while my humans are working but I’m looking for place with a backyard (so I can play and do my afternoon zoomies). I need an owner who is diligent, patient and wants to train me well. I pick up things quickly especially when food and treats are involved. I prefer to be the only dog at home as I am still to learn how to best interact with other dogs.
I do love being around my humans and I’m learning to be patient when one of them heads out. I need someone who won’t leave me by myself (maybe later when I have some more training).
I can get quite excited by lots of noisy, moving things so a quiet place with no cats or young children please. I walk very well on the lead when I have a quiet neighbourhood to explore – I really like being outside for walks.
One of my superpowers is being crate trained – usually I know when it’s time to take myself off to bed and I sleep through the whole night.
I currently get three walks a day and I think I would be quite a good jogging partner or long walks type of gal if you need a buddy to help with getting fit.


About Tux
Tux came to us as a very scared 5-month-old kitten who wasn’t used to being around people. Since being in care he has blossomed into a cheeky, playful but still slightly timid kitten.
He is an exceptionally playful kitten and loves hiding his toys in his bed to then throw them all out again, he loves his food, getting very excited whenever he hears dinner being prepared, and adores head scratches and curling up against us on the sofa.

Tux is still learning to be around people and tends to run and hide at loud noises, so he is looking for a home that is on the quieter side, with older or no children. We have seen Tux grow from the scared kitten that wouldn’t come out from under the sofa to the curious, playful boy he is today and believe that he’ll continue into a very affectionate cat with care and patience.

Medical notes
Tux has been vaccinated, desexed and microchipped!


Obi meet you, your potential new family, family, meet Obi. Obi is a Big Friendly Giant, weighing approximately 50kg and not afraid to show it.

Obi is extremely big and strong on the outside but he is a (VERY) big softie on the inside when it comes to his foster carers. He loves a belly rub (we’re pretty sure he was a Buddha statue in a previously life) and to be constantly with his people!

Since coming in to care, Obi’s circumstances have changed. He used to live with his “mama” Angel (a German Shepherd) but due to their sizes and reactivity they had to be separated unfortunately.

Obi is very reactive to other dogs so will need a strong family to be able to manage him when out for walks. Obi has separation anxiety and does not cope well with being left outside for extended periods of time. He would do best in a home where the family is home more often than not or for him to have internal access whenever he likes.

Obi is learning every day and is a keen student but he can be a little stubborn so patience is a must. He is happy to wait for you to tell him its ok to chow down his dinner (don’t worry, he shouldn’t bowl you over to get to it!).

This BFG needs a home without other animals and no small children (older experienced kids would be ok).

With current restrictions as they are, we will be requiring in person meet and greets for potential adopters so that they can see first hand how strong this beautiful boy can be and make a more informed decision. This means any in person meet and greets may need to wait until some restrictions are eased slightly.


Meet Polar – 40+ kilos of LOVE! Polar is in the cruising lane of life and would love a home where his people are around more often than not. After his walk Polar likes to potter around the yard with the other dogs and snooze the day away. While Polar is good with other dogs, we believe he’d be best as the only dog in the house. He bonds strongly with his people and doesn’t like to share the attention! This boy absolutely adores people and is so grateful for any sort of affection from them. Coming home and seeing his happy little bum wiggle will be the highlight of any day!

He loves his daily walks and walks well on a head halter. He will need work on basic commands but is so eager to please and has great recall. When left alone Polar can cry and scratch at the door but does settle. He would be prone to separation anxiety so it’s important his new family have firm boundaries for him and continue to work on his independence. If you’re looking for a dog to sleep on your bed, jump on the couch and be pampered and spoiled you’ll create a needy and insecure dog so it’s important his family understand this so as not to undo the progress he has made so far.

Like many large dogs, Polar does not know his size and will knock into you or try and sit on your lap! He tries his best to be gentle but his sheer size means he’s probably not suitable for small kids or the elderly. Polar is house trained and crate trained.


Prem is a beautiful and quiet cat. She loves a good daily brushing on her long coat and will also turn upside down for more!

Prem would be great as a companion cat for a gentle and patient parent.