Our beautiful Bella came into care thought to be pregnant with a litter of kittens. This turned out not to be the case!

Bella is a gorgeous independent soul who doesn’t need much in life to enjoy herself. She is in need of a child and pet free home where she can rule the roost!

Give her a view of the outside world, some warm and sunny spots to relax and this girl is set! As mentioned, Bella is quite independent and she will come to you for a pat when she wants, not the other way around!

If you can give this gorgeous girl what she needs, please don’t hesitate to enquire as soon as possible!

Bella’s foster family is located in Reservoir, Victoria.


Akira is a stunning tabby with delicate features.

Akira is a gentle soul who likes pats, who is a little reserved until she gets used to you.

Akira would suit any family who is willing to be patient with her. However would not suit a home with young children.

She loves dangling toys and running zoomies around the house.

Akira is seeking an indoor-only lifestyle and a family that will love her forever.

Akira is located in Narre Warren South.


Coco is a cheeky 8 1/2-year-old, 12-hands high black Shetland mix pony.

Coco has a playful nature and enjoys when humans spend time around her. She is an excellent lead pony for children. She is very good to float and she’s cooperative with lifting her feet and being handled in general. She loves to be brushed and adored by children. Coco has had her health checks and is up to date with her teeth and feet.

Coco required an eye removal at the time of her surrender to Forever Friends due to an untreated ulcer. She’s been recovering well ever since and we’re so proud of how Coco has adapted to life with one eye.

Coco has recently been used as a lead riding pony for children aged between 6 and 10 years. With reduced vision, familiarity of her environment and consistent, gentle handling methods are required at all times. Her forever home owners will need to be her ‘eyes’ at times and be willing to develop secure riding experiences for her.

Coco will require a family who is experienced with horses. She can be possessive of her food and does not like to share the space with anybody when eating. An experienced owner, will continue to work with her on this behaviour change.

If you are interested in welcoming Coco into her forever home, please contact us for more information.


Meet Poppy !

This one-year old cutie with big green eyes is the best cat you could get:

She is very affectionate, loves cuddles whilst sitting on the couch next to you (not a lap cat but loves to be near you), having her head, chin and belly rubbed and she will often stretch her whole body and give you a look that says “now please !” She purr’s very loudly!

She is very playful, loves her ball, her toys she swats as if there are 2 players in the game! She also loves ribbons, cardboard, boxes and anything that seems to fly. She has a lot of energy as she is still quite young, so will need to be with people who love to play with her.

She’s very curious, and adores watching the world go by out the window. She will explore every part of the house, but if she’s not supposed to touch something, a simple “no” will make her move on to the next curiosity. She would appreciate a larger home with lots of room to roam around in.

Although adventurous in her play time, she’s very shy, and can be scared by a noise or a new voice/presence. She will sometimes go hide under a couch or furniture for a moment, but she will always come back to you for some loving time and to feel safe again.

Poppy has a great personality and you will love witnessing her growing and becoming part of your family as she gains your trust.