Spicy and sassy but all round classy , Tatyana the biggest queen bee you ever did meet!!!

Tatyana went from a little lost kitty to “BOOM” I will rule the world in a matter of seconds, taking over all the kitty post and cat nip to just chill out with the stress of getting everyone to fall into line and work for her.

This beautiful girl is looking for a home with Adults only and NO other cats due to the secret business of taking over the world!
Tatyana is quite a smoochy girl loving the pats and cuddles but she LOVES to call on her people to feed her. She is very independent and likes things her way, so the adult home is very important as they are old enough to follow instruction!

Such a fun loving cat she is hoping for a home with some post that she can climb up on, some laps she can sit on and some beds she can sleep on.

If you are looking for a queen bee/snuggle bug Tatyana is the kitty for you, she not only wants to rule the world but she wants to rule your heart.

Microchip # 900141000118552


Charlie is a big goofball who if he could, would play tug a war 24/7. He enjoys human interaction more than anything but will also happily keep himself entertained with some chew toys or teddies while you’re at work or busy doing stuff around the house.

Charlie does get the zoomies when excited so for this we ask all humans in the house are 10+ or big dog savvy as he could knock someone over without realising. Charlie would be suited best for an active couple or active family who would take him for regular walks/runs/bike rides and enjoy having people over at the house more then going out as he loves meeting new people.

Charlie can be bit reactive to dogs on walks as he is still young but with on going training would become a perfect walker! Charlie has not been socialised with other dogs over his life so he would need to be the only other animal in the home.

If you’re wanting a happy bouncy big dog who is eager to learn and show off his tricks then Charlie’s the perfect dog for you and we hope you love him as much as his foster mum has!


About Lyla
Recovery is a process, it takes time, patience, and love.
Lyla is around 1 years old and yet has lived more than most cats. With a terrible start to life Lyla is continuing to suffer PTSD, but has been developing beautifully with love, patience and understanding. Lyla will need a home with an experienced owner who possibly has a younger cat around her age as she is very sociable with other cats. She will need a quiet home childfree and will only be an indoor cat. Lyla is very talkative and likes to chat with other cats, her own unique meow is one to melt your heart. This beautiful girl has the coat of a mini snow leopard with no health issues Lyla will be a perfect addition to your home and heart.


Roscoe is a large roughly 35kg American Staffy x Kelpie x Ridgeback.

He is an anxious dog who is on daily medication to help him but having a companion dog in the home has been detrimental to his progress so we’re looking for a home with an existing female dog. He needs an experienced dog owner with an understanding of dog body language and behaviour, who will advocate for him and do the right thing by him. He is a big boy so we don’t want him to be put into a situation he’s uncomfortable with and not prepared to cope with. He gets along with most dogs of all sizes but is nervous upon first greeting. He does not do well with undesexed male dogs and has displayed aggression towards them. For these reasons he is not suitable as a ‘dog park’ dog so if that’s what you’re looking for Roscoe is not for you.

He’s an affectionate boy and loves belly rubs and cuddles. He has no sense of personal space and thinks he’s a lap dog. You won’t be able to resist placing that big squishy face in your hands and kissing it all over! He is quite partial to giving kisses too and likes to gently grab your chin in his mouth and nibble on it – yep he’s a weirdo, but a beautiful one!

Roscoe is fairly low energy, he adores his daily walks and will plop down on his bed or sprawl out on the lawn for the rest of the day upon returning home. His unique sleeping positions will keep you very entertained! He doesn’t usually initiate play with other dogs, but is happy to engage when someone makes the first move!

Roscoe is pretty low maintenance, he’s not destructive and won’t chew on any possessions that aren’t his. He is however food obsessed and will open cupboards and pantries looking for snacks! His foster carer has had to put a latch on the pantry door to stop him breaking in overnight and raiding the shelves and bins. His favourite things are any toy that has a squeaker and a kong filled with frozen meat!


Tom/Tommy/TomTom is a super sweet boy who needs a very special home. He has separation anxiety, which is getting better, but still has a way to go. He needs a home with his person/people around a lot and who are committed to his training and to helping him deal with this. He frets when his humans are out.

Tom has not had a good start to life and was surrendered to us and I don’t think he had ever been allowed inside a house. His toilet training is a bit hit and miss and, again, is getting better, but needs some work.

Tom loves almost all people and would like a home with a resident dog as he LOVES ALL dogs.

He walks well on the lead and loves his walks, where he wants to say hello to every dog he meets. He is a very sweet and gentle boy who deserves a safe and loving home.

We think Tom’s a spoodle and about 1 1/2 years old. He has been desexed, vaccinated and microchipped.

Tom needs a safe and secure home with a family who is committed to his ongoing training. He must go to a home with another dog and have his humans around more often than not.