Lucky is a curious little fella, a sweet boy who just wants to be around you. He’ll follow you around the house and loves a lap to curl up on. He doesn’t like being picked up and carried much, but enjoys all the cuddles he can get when sitting or lying on you.

He knows when feeding time is, and in typical cat fashion can get a little bit impatient – slave human – if you dare to be late. The rest of the time he is a happy, mostly calm, purry cat, although he does get the zoomies about once a day. He is missing a few teeth, so requires special dental dry food, but that doesn’t stop him from playing with his favourite toys which he likes to play catch and hunt with.

We don’t know Lucky’s actual age but estimate he’s around 10 years old. He has lived on the street for a lot of his life and was rescued a few years ago. He tries to meow, however, he might have lost some of his voice on the street. The vets have assured us there is nothing medically wrong, so he just can’t meow but makes a kind of gentle hissing sound instead, which is actually really cute.

Lucky doesn’t like to stay by himself for too long throughout the day, so he would suit a home where someone is around more often than not to keep him company. His ideal home would be a quiet, single person/couple home where he is the only pet, as he doesn’t cope with other animals or children.

As Lucky has a pale pink nose, with a small lesion that gets worse with direct sunlight, he needs to be a purely indoor cat.



Charlie is a happy and playful 2 year old boy who is ready to find his forever home.

He’s a big toy boy, as in he LOVES playing with toys, tug of war, teddies, you name it and he’s down. He would love a family who will engage with him, play with him and make him part of the action.

Charlie walks beautifully on lead, has the basics down and loves learning new tricks and commands. He’s a young dog and needs some garden space to stretch his legs. He’s a country boy at heart, so would be more suited to a family in the outer areas or a rural family.

Overall Charlie is a very affectionate dog who is wonderful with children and adults alike. He is not a fan of other animals so will need to be the only pet in the family. While he may not be the dog park guy, he will be your snuggling partner in crime.

Charlie is:
– Desexed
– Vaccinated
– Microchipped
– Ready for Smooches

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The beautiful Scout came to Forever Friends in January 2022- after being surrendered by her owner whose personal circumstances changed. Scout is 17 hands high and approximately 15 years old. She was a former racehorse. Scout has been broken to ride although we have not had her under saddle yet.

During our interactions with Scout, we have found that she likes to be handled by patient and caring humans. She had not been handled for more than 12 months so her ground manners are a bit rusty. She is easy to catch however does not like to stand still for long periods of time. We’ve had her feet trimmed already and she did okay with that.

Scout has a very maternal quality and likes to be keep her bonded paddock buddies within site at all times. She demonstrates some separation anxiety when her paddock mates leave the paddock. We feel she will bond with a new herd and that bond will be very strong as well.

Potential adopters should be intermediate to experienced horse people as Scout developed some defensive habits in the racing industry that will take time to rehabilitate e.g biting. She requires somebody who is assertive with her and also understanding and patient with her rehabilitation. Potential adopters should be comfortable with a horse of her size and current behaviors. We will continue to work on both aspects while she is in our care.

As a Thoroughbred, Scout will require some hard feed during the winter months to keep her condition. She’ll also require appropriate rugging and shelter.

Scout’s forever home will be ready to love and care for her – both mentally and physically. They’ll need to provide lots of physical interaction and exercise to keep her engaged and strong guidance to help her feel safe and secure. Her forever home will have other permanent horses so that she will always have a paddock companion.

Scouts’ feet trims and health checks are up to date.

Are you Scout’s Forever Friend?



Bella is a 15 year old brown Thoroughbred mare. She has been broken to ride although has not been under saddle for 3+ years. Bella is 16 hands high and has lots of energy. She will be suited to an intermediate to experienced rider only after some training and handling. She will be suitable for handling by an intermediate to experienced horse owner. She can be a bit pushy on the ground at times and so an assertive and confident handler work on this education with her. She is a very pretty horse and tends to become highly energised around male horses with the odd squeal and pawing at the fence. She has been kept in a herd with one gelding and was happy and comfortable in that arrangement. She has also been kept with her best friend Maddy and took over the herd leader role when it was just the two of them. Bella is not suitable for a beginner horse rider.
As a Thoroughbred, Bella will require some hard feed during the winter months to keep her condition. She’ll also require appropriate rugging and shelter