Toro (Torres)

About Toro
You may have heard of a lap dog, Toro is a lap cat. With a heart as big as his appetite, Toro loves a good couple and is a very affectionate cat, often falling in love at first sight! Toro is currently 10-12 weeks old and is an independent kitten who also likes to play with his siblings.

He has had experience with kittens around the same age, older cats and even small dogs! However Toro would like a quiet home where he can be king and protect his minions. Toro needs a place where he would be spoilt and loved by all those around him. In response Toro will make sure his coat is clean and silky, his eyes are big and adorable, his paws are there for you to embrace him and his tongue is wet and ready to give you all the kisses you deserve! Toro has a way to imprint on your heart and leave an everlasting friendship!


About Indi
Every adventure requires a first step! Indiana, Indi for short is currently around 10-12 weeks and is very curious and lovable. Looking for a handsome and playful companion, Indi would suit a family, couple or single person as a forever home. He has had experience with older cats and younger kittens as well as small dogs.

Indi loves to explore and is affectionate and friendly. He plays well with other animals or by himself. As a passionate food lover Indi enjoys all different types of food and is not a picky eater. He is a leader and will be there to support you through every new trial. Whether it is through a good laugh or a simple hug.

There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat.


Beautiful Honey is a 5.5y/o (roughly) Border Collie x who thoroughly enjoys long walks anywhere and a tennis ball at her beck and call!

Honey would be best suited to an active family as she needs lots of daily exercise, and lucky for you she’s a good at fetch and is down for any hike! Honey would thrive somewhere with a fetch-sized backyard or on a farm.

Honey is extremely well trained, obedient and a quick learner. However, she’s not too keen on other dogs, especially not as housemates so she’d need a pet-free home. She loves people but can get very excited and wouldn’t be the best around small kids.

Honey needs to be an inside dog and no matter how luxurious the provided bed is, she’ll find a way to sleep on the couch.

Honey is independent, well behaved and honestly a perfect dog for the right family!


Lucky is a curious little fella, a sweet boy who just wants to be around you. He’ll follow you around the house and loves a lap to curl up on. He doesn’t like being picked up and carried much, but enjoys all the cuddles he can get when sitting or lying on you.

He knows when feeding time is, and in typical cat fashion can get a little bit impatient – slave human – if you dare to be late. The rest of the time he is a happy, mostly calm, purry cat, although he does get the zoomies about once a day. He is missing a few teeth, so requires special dental dry food, but that doesn’t stop him from playing with his favourite toys which he likes to play catch and hunt with.

We don’t know Lucky’s actual age but estimate he’s around 10 years old. He has lived on the street for a lot of his life and was rescued a few years ago. He tries to meow, however, he might have lost some of his voice on the street. The vets have assured us there is nothing medically wrong, so he just can’t meow but makes a kind of gentle hissing sound instead, which is actually really cute.

Lucky doesn’t like to stay by himself for too long throughout the day, so he would suit a home where someone is around more often than not to keep him company. His ideal home would be a quiet, single person/couple home where he is the only pet, as he doesn’t cope with other animals or children.

As Lucky has a pale pink nose, with a small lesion that gets worse with direct sunlight, he needs to be a purely indoor cat.


A rugged Australian fur-man. Who has spent many years defending his castle from underneath the floorboards but has hung up his boxing gloves in retirement. Like old school men, he loves a kiss n cuddle and is a big softie.
Being groomed is not his favourite unless it’s to fluff his manly chest mane. He also loves a bit of ear knuckle massage in lieu of a radox bath.

If you’re lucky, the chin goes up, motor starts, and some dribbly kisses… noice. Buckey has ignored the cancer council advice and loves to work on his tan.. between 11 and 3… not under a tree.
He likes to do gym sessions late at night, but not a fan of leg day.
A bit behind the times and a bit daggy old dad but a good boy at heart.

Medical Note: Buckey is FIV+

If you have some love to give, and room for a beautiful soul, please enquire below for more information or to apply.