Hello my name is Sampson. I’m a happy, friendly boy and I like to play with my foster brother Guss. We play tug of war and have the odd wrestling match. When we are tired out, we love a snuggle on the sofa together. I would love another doggy companion around that can keep up with my energy. I never like to be too far away from my friend.
My favourite time of the day is when we head out for a walk and I love saying hello to everyone I meet. I am very well behaved on the lead, although I can get very excited when I spot another furry friend or humans. I enjoy going for a couple of walks a day so an active family would be best for me. I also love going for trips in the car.
I have met a few children and I was very well behaved and gentle. I know not to jump up at people
My toilet training has come a long way, I now stand at the back door to be let out to do my business!
I know a few basic commands and I am very food orientated, so I would be easy to train further.


Fisher is such a sweet and gentle soul….he is genuinely beautiful inside and out!

Whilst shy and cautious at first, his curiosity and love for a good head scratch make him warm up quickly.

He’s usually quiet and doesn’t want to draw too much attention to himself, but he can’t help but let out the kitten in him from time to time. He will suddenly find himself chasing toys around the floor, playing with scrunched up paper, rolling around in the sun and forgetting that he is actually shy.

He adores other cats! As soon as he met his foster carer’s resident cat he was no longer afraid to come out to play. He follows his furry foster brother around constantly and just wants to be near him, so his new home will need another gentle, friendly cat to help Fisher gain confidence.

Fisher is an adorable sweetheart who deserves a wonderful home where he can slowly learn that the world is not so scary after all.

Due to his shy nature he requires a quiet home without young children.


Hello humans! My names Clint aka Mr Eastwood aka rabbit aka the dude. I’m an energetic doggo with a huge love for running, playing, jumping, bouncing and most importantly cuddles. Oh and I looooove a head or belly scratch (see photos for proof). I’m a super smart boy. That’s learning to sit, wait, and come. But only when I know there is treats or pats! I haven’t really figured out hot to fetch yet. But I will get there if you are patient with me. My perfect forever home would be a loving family with kids that like to play as much as me and cuddle whilst watching a movie or cartoons. Hopefully someone is home most of the time as well because I really love being around my humans. I’m great with other dogs if they like to play as well. I have not been tested with cats

Prada (Puddin’)

About Prada
Prada aka Puddin’ is a very affectionate cuddly bear! She settles in easily to new environments and makes herself at home! She is a very large cat, and has quite the appetite! However due to her diabetes condition; we of course can’t always give into her! She enjoys a gentle play with cat toys and even a few zoomies around the house every now and then. However she mostly spends the day napping underneath the bed or looking out the window sill. As said, she is very affectionate, often lingering around for pats and occasionally a cute paw tap for a cuddle! Puddin’ is very clean with her kitty litter and eating. She is a very easy cat to take care of, and is the loveliest companion.


About Lyra
Lyra is a sweetie with a big voice and an even bigger heart. She is super affectionate and gives the best smooches. She absolutely loves head scratches and full body pats. She is a gentle, easy going girl who is the perfect companion. She will happily greet you with meows and head boops whenever you get home, she enjoys curling up on the couch and is very good at supervising chores. When the mood strikes, she is happy to play with the cat wand or chase a ball around. She is also very chatty and loves her food, so will always let you know when it’s time to eat! Lyra has so much love to give and can’t wait to find her forever home.