Please note only applications with an existing dog in the home will be considered. Poppy needs a role model to become the best doggo possible

This is Poppy, she is a super sweet typical energetic puppy. She is very smart and can already sit for a treat and gets better everyday at going to the toilet outside when she is prompted where to go. She loves to play with toys and wrestle with her siblings.

She loves company, cuddles and will happily snuggle with you. She’s very affectionate and will use those killer puppy dog eyes to get what she wants!

Poppy would be the perfect addition to any family that is willing to put the time and effort needed to further her training.

Poppy has not been tested with cats.

Mr Scrumples

Mr Scrumples is looking for a special home. Mr Scrumples is FIV positive so will need a home with no resident kitties, or another FIV positive one. Regular medication and a special diet will be required to be maintained (refer medical notes below). Being FIV+ means MR Scrumples will also need to be kept indoors only.

While maintaining his independency, Mr Scrumples is a love bug, simply adoring a snuggle, chin and head scratch (as you can see by the video!). This senior fella has been living with a doggo and would be fine to go to a home with a calm canine buddy.

Mr Scrumples’ age means he is a little more learned and comfortable with people, settling in pretty quickly and would prefer a quiet home where he can retire in reasonable peace, at his own terms!

This cute senior love bug has gorgeous long hair that is currently growing back after a bit of a trim and groom (tre chic in his jumper to keep him warm and healthy!), and it will need to be regularly groomed and brushed.

If you have a spare spot on your lap, or couch for this smoochy and chatty older gent, please don’t hesitate to apply.


Ranger is a big playful goofball full of energy! You will never be lonely with Ranger as he loves to stay close to his humans, his foster mum thinks he is a shadow!

Ranger is very playful but not destructive, alert and inquisitive. Ranger makes everyone laugh at how goofy he is, especially how he sits! Any hugs or pats going are always for him as far as he is concerned.

Ranger is looking for a pet free home, he is dog & cat reactive. Sometimes he can be a little nervous to new people in the home, but when he meets them with his foster mum he is ok.

Ranger is very excitable on walks and loves car rides! He warms to everyone in no time and is very food motivated, wakes up so excited for his breakie bickies!

Ranger has had a tough life and can be a little anxious alone and vocal, however loves a treat toy with peanut butter to keep his mind going.

Ranger is looking for a pet free home with high fences, and a medium -large back yard.


This is Milkshake, a beautiful caring girl. She is super snuggly and will follow you around every time you move.

Milkshake is someone who loves to be a part of the family and would be best suited to a loving family who will keep her mostly. She likes to sleep on the bed but understands “hop down” when she needs to. Milkshake has been living alongside 2 older dogs and has gotten along perfectly with them. She does have a lively side and loves to play with humans and dogs alike! She will chase another dog but not a ball, but all exercise is good exercise. Milkshake will walk on a lead and is not dog reactive but gets distracted quickly by everything else and will have you doing zigzags up the footpath so further training would be beneficial.

Milkshake has no issue sharing her food or toys with other dogs. She is however, very food driven and likes to eat everything she can get her hands on! We are currently learning that food on the bench is not for doggos! She knows how to sit and almost has the hang of waiting for food to be sat down until eating.

Milkshake has had some short experiences around kids and has been very receptive to their rough pats! She does however have a tendency to jump and although it is very soft, this could be scary for a toddler. We are working on no jumping when excited.

Milkshake has some anxiety issues being left alone and does have tendencies to bark or howl however this has not gone on for very long after leaving. A household with other dogs would suit her best as she is definitely best in a group.

Milkshake is still learning her manners however is the sweetest young girl. She has recently had a litter of 10 pups and was so caring to them all. She would certainly provide unconditional love to the right family now that her litter has grown and will be finding their forever homes shortly.

Milkshake is yet to be introduced to any cats.

Milkshake is currently living with her foster mum and canine foster siblings 🙂


Cecelia, or Cece for short as she is affectionately known in her foster home, will melt the hearts of anyone, who meets her. She is the cuddliest, sweetest girl with the most soulful eyes! All she wants to do is snuggle up with her humans. She will happily sit in your lap for hours, sleeping, giving you kisses or just watching the world go by.

Cece can be a little shy, when she first meets you, but once she is comfortable with you, she will be your best friend and your shadow all rolled into one cute package.

She loves a good play with a squeaky toy too or a Kong toy filled with a yummy treat. She also loves playing with her brother and foster sister and will let them know, who is boss.

Cece is a very smart little girl and she already knows her name, come, sit, wait for her food and to go ‘toilet’ outside. She is still young, so while her toilet training is progressing very well, she can have the occasional accident.

She has been joining her brother and big foster sister on walks outside and she has become much more confident walking on lead and meeting new dogs and humans, but she would definitely benefit from building her confidence with the outside world even further.

She is a great sleeper and will sleep right through the night in her bed with her brother.

Cece would love for her new home to have another doggie friend for her to play with and learn from.