Buster is a very handsome 3yo staffy cross.

We are working on Buster’s issues with anxiety and reactivity and you’ll need to be prepared to continue this work. However, all this said, Buster is an incredibly cuddly boy and an absolute softy at heart.

He will shadow you around the house, will always come to sit next to (or on you!), and will bury himself under the covers at night (if you want him to share the bed) if not, he will give you your space when you ask and sleep on his own bed.

Some of his commands so far:

• Sit (Working on Lie down)
• Here
• Out
• Off
• Off you go
• On me (look at me)
• Bed
• Go find

He’s a smart boy and is eager to please so will learn new commands easily with a consistent approach.
Buster is toilet trained and will go straight to the loo after a meal and tell you when he needs to go out.

This boy will reward you with absolute loyalty and could be the best boy with some understanding and training.

Buster is best as the only pet in his new home. He doesn’t want to share the love!


Hi! My name is Alvin,

I love laying in the sunshine & falling asleep. You will also find me on the windowsill keeping an eye on what is going on outside. There’s nothing more that I love, than a scratch on the head particularly behind the ears. Being close to my foster career is what I do best, she thinks I’m cute & adorable and feeds me the most delicious treats (Greenies Roast Chicken are my favorite) throughout the day. My Foster carer will never forget to feed me because I always talk to her when its dinner time.
Once the sun goes down I turn into a super-fast ninja, who will stop at nothing to defeat anything dangling on a string. My foster career knows I’m around by my ultrasonic purrs. After dinner and a play I’m always ready and willing to snuggle up next to you on the couch or in your bed (if you will let me!). I just like to be close to my foster career, and will make sure she knows I’m there.
Once I get to know new people I will make myself comfortable on their lap too!

I’m known to tolerate quiet dogs, however I really don’t really like sharing my home with other cats. I am ideally looking for a home where I can have you all to myself.
If you are looking for a cat to keep you company around the house & have sunny windows I can sit in look no further, I am your guy!
Just click the green enquiry button.


I might be one cute little piggy, but I have one very loud voice,
My favourite thing in life is hay diving and making sure I’m completely invisible amongst all the hay,
I need to go to a home that already has at least one piggy, a female or a desexed male
I need to live inside all year round and
Please no little kids as I’m very fast and fragile
It is a must that I meet the other piggy and we bond before I permanently move to a new home

Chocolate Royale

Chocolate Royale is a stunning black and white cat that is affectionately called choccy. This beautiful boy had a rough start to life so will take time to warm up to his new humans. He absolutely loves other cats and will rub up against them, so another tolerant cat in the home is an absolute must for him as it helps him gain trust for his humans.

He is currently in care with dogs, however would prefer to be without in his new home as they can be a little scary to him some days.
During his time in care we have found that he warms up to women well, however distrusts men for a lot longer. With this he would really love a home with a female present. He will warm up to the men in the house, just takes him more time to trust them.
When he warms up to his humans he loves cheek scratches and eventually full body pats. He has a huge personality and loves play time. He is fully house and litter trained and spends his days lounging in the comfiest places he can find. He will occasionally sit next to you on the couch but needs to fully trust you before he does. This boy will take time to trust his new humans, however he promises to be well worth it once he realises you are a safe space for him.

We are aware he has a few requirements to meet but know that this is best for him and his new family so as he can be the best and happiest cat he can possibly be.


Louise (or Lou, as she is affectionately known as) came into our care with her littermate Eddie extremely timid and shy. They have both come a very long way and while still a little bit scared, Lou will happily follow you around like a little shadow.

Louise doesn’t enjoy being picked up (working on this!) but is happy to have a nap next to you on the couch or bed in a warm cosy spot on in their cat hammock. Lou enjoys watching you cook and often tries to “help” with eating your food. Lou is happy to play on her own or with her littermate or foster brother.

Due to Lou’s timidness, she will need a quiet home. Lou gets on fine with her littermate and foster brother but has not been tested with dogs or children.