Dakota is a sweet young girl who loves to sit by a sunny spot next to the window and watch cars and people go by on the street.

She is very friendly and enjoys pats and watching TV with you, but can be a little shy in the beginning.

Dakota is also great with other cats and would definitely thrive in a multi-cat household as she loves to play with and playfully chase her kitty friends.


Gentleman Roland (Rollie) is a happy little tail-wagging peanut, who wants to know what you love so he can love it too! He has an amazing ability to read your body and tone to understand what you want to communicate and is very respectful.

He loves the outdoors and walks are a breeze with Rollie. He does treat walks like special mission and loves sniffing and marking all locations. He currently gets 2 x 30 minutes a walk a day and with that he will be happy to laze around and watch you work or patrol the backyard for you.

Rollie is a lover of all humans, big or small, especially if they give pats, he has a charismatic charm to his personality and will win the heart of anyone he meets.
Rollie will need very gentle introductions to other dog friends as he can be selective of the dogs he is happy to socialise with. Patience, love and understanding is all little Rollie needs. His best friend is an older, milder dog which he shares toys with on their weekly play dates.

He will be perfect as the only pet and can live with children as long they are not too loud or rough with him. He loves toys and understands that they are his and will only chew on his own toys, nothing else. He is highly intelligent and loves problem solving to get treats.

Sir Roland is house trained and has a few tricks up his sleeves, he loves learning new ones and is very food driven, he is very polite when accepting food and would love learning to communicate to understand humans more. Rollie loves his body harness and car rides.. even to the vet.


Autumn can be timid and shy when meeting new people. She will need a family who is patient and understanding while she adjusts to her new environment, in her own time. Once you have gained her trust, you will find she’s not so shy after all.

Autumn will open up and show you her quirky, unpredictable nature. Autumn can be playful, full of energy, independent and strong minded. She is also affectionate and at times, demands your attention. Autumn can be a little bitey if over enthusiastic so an adult only or adult and older child family would be best suited.

Autumn is not fond of being picked up and cuddled or sitting on laps. She much prefers to come and sit beside you when she feels like it, purring loudly and demanding that you don’t stop patting and talking to her. Her strong head bumps will almost knock you off your feet and you will almost be swept away with her smooches.

Autumn is happy to play and relax on her own, other cats make her cautious and uneasy. She prefers the company of friendly dogs and will often approach them with a head bump and smooches whether they like it or not.

Autumn has a healthy appetite and is not afraid to tell you when she’s hungry.

She is litter trained, desexed, microchipped and fully vaccinated. Autumn is located in Greenvale.


Louie is a loving and affectionate cat, no matter how many times my resident cat hissed at him he would always try again. Eventually they ended up being best buds. He can be a little bit of a chatter box and knows what he wants. He is great in the car (eventually – likes to talk) and in perfect health:) This handsome boy has been a pleasure to have and I’m sure he would make a great addition to your family. He would be fine in any household that would provide him with attention but may thrive with a buddy.


Millie is a sweet and lovely female domestic tabby cat. She is very affectionate once she warms up. She likes bird watching and jumping on the cat tree. Though she is not a lap cat, she is great companion and likes belly rubs.