Cocoa Bean

Cocoa Bean is a very handsome and sleek boy. He loves to play, explore, play, sleep in the sun and play some more. He likes to be close to his human and will cuddle up next to you and purr very loudly when you stroke his back. He is good with other cats and dogs who keep their distance.

He is currently in care with his siblings and mum. Porque no los dos? If one is good two must be better.

If you think you could be the right home for Cocoa and potentially one of his siblings, please enquire below:


I’m Dusty (Dustin/Dusty-buns) and I am so much fun!!! I love playing – I’ll play with anything – ping ping balls, bits of string, the kids hair, my sister’s tail, my tail, the list is literally endless. I also love cuddles and purring and my foster mama says I have the most adorable toe beans. I’d love to meet you 💗


Meet Maggie May!

Behind this beautiful little face is a shy girl needing a human to love!

Maggie loves to sleep, eat and play soccer. This brave girl knows what she needs and makes sure to get it! She will snuggle up at the end of the day, on her terms, as all that soccer is tiring!

Maggie needs a quiet home, she has foster feline brothers and sisters as well as some resident dogs and isn’t all that fussed about any of them. In fact, she’d be quite happy to be the cat of the house!

Are you the right person for this shy girl?


13 week old black and white short haired sisters Indis and Idril are offered here together as a bonded pair. There are half of a litter of 4 kittens altogether. They are well matched and we would prefer they find their forever family together if possible. A single kitten is half a kitten! They love to cuddle up to each other. Where one goes the other follows and every adventure they have is a shared adventure. Their favourite adventure is probably climbing together like a couple of mountaineers up the cat trees in the house.
Idril has a black patch over her eye. Indis’s face is mainly white but with a lovely patch of black around her ears. They are both social but may need a few minutes to warm up to new people. Both kittens like to be held and are happy to crawl on your shoulder. They have magnificent shiny soft coats, an advantage of the raw diet they have been brought up on.
Indis has the most beautiful and cute facial features and she looks sometimes quite quizzical. She is super playful and she likes nothing better than playing with a wand toy and being patted. She will climb up your legs looking for attention if you want her to. Idril is a unique girl who is most affectionate, gentle and sweet. Idril regards playtime as the best time of the day. Her favourite thing is playing with Indis which is why we would prefer that they go out as a bonded pair.
Very little is known about their lives before 3.5 weeks except that because they spent some time being bottle fed they regard humans as mother figures. Both are very healthy and human-centric. These kittens are bundles of fun and have the capacity to bring lots of love and happiness to the right home.

Patchouli (Patches)

About Patches
Patches is a gorgeous, smoochy boy who loves the attention of humans. He is a rather large cat, meaning more to cuddle! Patches enjoys all cat toys and will happily keep himself entertained all day with them. He also enjoys sitting up on a window sill or on a balcony watching the world go by.

Patches loves cuddles and will greet you by lying on his back, belly up, waiting for a belly rub! We are under the impression that Patches could be best suited as being the only pet in the household, but definitely open to multiple pet households if suitable.