Hi there my future fam,

I am a young kitten and I am very loving boy.
I LOVE relaxing, exploring , receiving pats, and talking to my foster parents.
I am a chatty cat and would talk to you when I need food or need pats.I love rubbing myself on my foster parents to show my affection.

I am a very confident cat and would greet you the moment I meet you and your guests.
I sometimes love standing up on my 2 legs, my foster mum calls me a little meercat, haha.

I have been around lots of cats in my foster homes, thus I can go well with a friendly feline company.

I am happy to be a solo cat as well as long as you can give me a nice bed, a window with sunny spot, a scratchy post and all the love.
I am an INDOOR ONLY cat.

If you think you could be my PURRFECT FUREVER family, please get in touch.



Sherry is a beautiful, confident kitty with a big personality. She loves to chat, has a loud voice that makes it look like she’s talking to you, although she mostly talks when she’s upset (when she’s in the carrier).

Sherry adjusted to a foster home very quickly, from the beginning she walked around the house exploring her new home. She’s very clever.

Sherry is friendly with other cats. She will kiss and hug your resident cat until they likes her (if you have one). She’s very affectionate, will follow you around and show you love all the time, it’s like she’s thankful to have found a foster home.

She loves to play, jumps at the first sight of a feather! She would fit both a house with a friendly cat or on her own being the queen of the house. Sometimes when playing she nibbles, so it’s not recommended she goes to a house with young children. She must have a cat tree; she plays on every single level and loves scratching posts.

If you’re laying down watching TV, she will come sit by your neck and give you tickles and a kneading massage.



Meet Nox, the gorgeous and handsome kitten!

He is super affection and loves a snuggle. This man will never say no to a cuddle!

Nox is both playful and active when he is in the mood for some fun, but can also calm and gentle when he’s all tired out. He’s got the best of both worlds!

He is looking for his forever home, where he can get all the cuddles he wants and deserves.

Nox’s adorable brother Sage is also listed on PetRescue. Adopting these brother’s together will have a reduced adoption fee of $450.