Jett the gentle giant!

Despite being 10, Jett’s still got it. He’s a man who enjoys the simple pleasures, a short walk or two daily and spending time in the sun with his humans. Jett has a beautiful, loving nature, great with adults or children (his previous owner had a small baby who he was best friends with). You can tell that he has been in a loving family environment as he loves to nudge his head in between your legs and takes to strangers very easily (who said GSDs were guard dogs!?). Once settled, you’ll hear him let out a funny old man groan every time he sits or a cheeky poke out of the tongue on eye contact. Jett is his best self when he’s around his loved ones but will also happily sit outside, looking at the birds or in the garden for hours on end.

He would enjoy a home with a yard, for rolling in the grass and ideally, a home with minimal steps. Jett can be strong on the lead when excited so a firm hand will be needed for walks with a harness. He loves to play with other dogs however can get a bit restless when passing one he can’t play with on the street. He is best suited as the only pet in the house, he’s been through a lot and deserves to be the centre of his family’s world!

Jett is a perfect dog who is looking for a simple, loving family to help him live out his retirement days.



Meet Lilly, a clever, playful, cheeky pup.

Lilly spends her day chasing and play-fighting with her brother. She loves toys she can tug on and that squeak. She is inquisitive and loves to explore. Lilly loves people and cuddles and she insists on lots of attention. Whilst she is used to cats and children, she needs supervision as she forgets how big and enthusiastic her attentions are.

Lilly’s ideal family must have an existing resident dog to play with and help her continue learning her manners. She will require an adopter willing to spend time continuing with her training and socialisation.

Lilly has already learnt basic commands, walks well on lead and is house trained



Lola is super sweet, playful and smart. She loves playing and suggling with her brothers and is super confidant with the resident dogs – including a puppy.

Lola loves extra cuddles and will seek them out when she wants them. She is quiet like a mouse but brave as a lion!

Please reach out if you are ready for Lola to sweeten up your life!



Millie – Looking for love

Millie is a sweet girl who love’s attention whether it be pats, cuddles or playing, she’s down. She’s still a puppy so has energy bursts, and her ears may stop working temporarily when she’s excited but settles down quickly and will happily watch tv with you or just chill out.

Millie comes with plenty of little quirks and is sure to warm your heart as soon as you meet her.

She’s a low maintenance girl and doesn’t need a big yard, just a walk a day and a small amount of play time.

Her current foster carer works full time, and she is fine by herself.

Millie is best suited to a pet free home and has not been tested around young kids.



Mila is a little pocket rocket from the outback. She’s incredibly intelligent and eager to please. Mila is always ready for a game and loves to run around. She needs daily stimulation to keep her mind occupied, but this could be as simple as a 15 minute training or play session.
Mila does have an ‘off’ switch and loves nothing more than to snuggle up with her humans.

Because of her high level of intelligence, Mila can be a little bossy. She needs a human that is able to provide her with clear boundaries, so that she knows how to behave. She will rise to the occasion once she is sure she knows how to impress you.

Mila has grown up in a remote area and will need someone who is patient in slowly socialising her in a range of situations. A lot of parts of suburban life are completely new to her.

She is fabulous with adult humans but is terrified of children due to some past experiences. With time, patience and training, she may be able to overcome this fear. Mila is taking Lovan – an economical and safe medication for anxiety.

Mila is the most affectionate and loving little girl. Once she builds trust in you, she is the most excellent companion.

Mila loves playing with other dogs her size (approx. 16kg) and could benefit from a home with another playful young dog.

Mila has strong basic obedience, including:
– toilet training
– Sitting for food
– Sitting for a duration
– Drop
– Recall
– Loose lead walking (with treats)
– Sleeping in a crate
She would love to learn more!