Breed: German Wirehaired Pointer Cross
Gender: Female
Colour: Red Tan
Date of Birth: 01/11/2016
Adoption Fee: $550

This stunning lady is seeking an active adult household who are experienced with handling larger dogs and dedicated to her ongoing training. Acey is an absolutely lovely dog at home. She is incredibly sweet, gentle and well-mannered. When out on a walk, Acey becomes very overstimulated and can show reactive behaviours towards other dogs and people in the form of lunging, whining and pulling on the lead. This is an area she will need consistent and continued work with, and it is recommended she wear a properly fitted muzzle when outside of the home. She has proven she can get along well with other dogs given proper introductions but she would be best as the only pet in the house. Acey also displays separation anxiety behaviours and her new home would need strong and secure fencing. She’d do best with someone home more often than not who will gradually build up her confidence with alone time. She’s a very active girl who will require a daily walk and mentally stimulating toys/activities at home to ensure she keeps out of trouble (she has been known to dig a hole or two!). With patience, love and dedication, we know this girl will grow to be the most wonderful companion.