Breed: West Highland Terrier X
Gender: Male
Colour: White
Date of Birth: 01/08/2008
Adoption Fee: $455

To my Forever Parents, My name is Arti, I’m a 12 year old desexed male West Highland Terrier X, meaning I’m very cute! BUT I do have a few issues that need to be maintained going forward: – Someone who is home more often than not as I have separation anxiety (no longer than 2 hours) – Another dog to help him settle when left at short intervals is needed – Ongoing medical attention for arthritis and his ear infections (when eh stresses out these can be the result of that) – Arti is hard of hearing that unfortunately is not selective I’m a young soul and I still enjoy my walks at the dog park as I am quite social. My foster carer says I can’t stay for too long as it make my arthritis play up, but I would stay all day if I could. I also like to sit on the couch with my people as well and have a snuggle and am happy to sit in my bed watching you go about your day. When I came into foster care I was anxious and I didn’t like to be touched, you can’t blame me because I had been an outside dog my whole life, left to my own devices. I had ear infections, a flea infestation with hardly any fur, not desexed and that made me very sad and scared. I didn’t know how to behave with humans, but in the short 5 weeks of being with Forever Friends, I have turned in to a new dog! I have come out of my shell as my foster family have taught me that humans are not that bad, they brag about how far I’ve come in my behaviour, but it’s just me, I’m a great dog! I do have separation anxiety as I’m hard at hearing so my new family needs to be dedicated to put some time, patience and the attention that I need (that can be a lot until I feel safe) so I say again, patience please! Cats and dogs are my friends so if you have other animals, that would be best! Love, Arti.