Breed: Kelpie
Gender: Female
Colour: Black
Date of Birth: 01/08/2018

Bonnie is loyal, intelligent, playful, the works. She will steal the heart of whoever she lives with. She has typical Kelpie traits, being very intelligent, intense, energetic, loyal and a bit anxious and doesn’t like it when her pack is separated or she is left alone, however after an initial few minutes of whining at the door/window, she will settle. She is great with the foster family’s 3 year old – she doesn’t really seek the child out, nor retreat from her. She will engage when the toddler engages her. When they are playing together and she gets very excited, she can nip, which is something to be mindful of around adults and children. She doesn’t jump up on people, except when in full play mode outside. With an older outdoor cat, she is not overly fussed, but would chase if the cat ran, but they will happily in lie in the sun on the same deck. However with the indoor younger foster cats, she is obsessed. She stalks them whenever they’re at her level. She doesn’t make contact with them, but is in their face, hoping they will interact with her. The cats are used to her, and pretty oblivious. So her suitability to a house with cats will be dependent on the cat, and them not being reactive. She is very friendly with them, and largely submissive, or playful if the other dog is. She’s not keen on dogs in her face. In her foster home, she has shown dominance to other visiting dogs. We believe that Bonnie would be suited to living with another dog to help meet her stimulation and energy needs, but they would need to be a great match. She would however benefit from dog interactions at the park or otherwise. Being so keen to please, and food orientated, Bonnie is quick to learn new commands, she has very good recall even when there is another interest, and is learning to sit and heel. She spooks easily by things such as large vehicles and loud noises and hasn’t learnt great road sense yet. If it wasn’t lockdown, she would have been attending training, and we recommend some group lessons for her. She is very keen on her food, and will remind you if you are late to feed her. She is opportunistic – she wouldn’t be trusted to be left alone with a snack on low table, & tries to eat the cat’s food, but she doesn’t beg while you are eating, or steal food from vulnerable toddlers. She is not a fussy eater. Bonnie’s preferred sleeping location is a human bed, but is also happy on the floor next you on her soft Snooza. At two years, Bonnie has lots and lots of energy, so would thrive with high energy activities such as jogging or off-lead exercise. If she was to only have on-lead walking, she would definitely need a large yard, potentially another active dog, and to have LOTS of walking. She has high stimulation needs, and would not thrive in a house being left alone during full time work hours. She doesn’t play fetch with a ball, but will do zoomies around the back yard with a squeaky toy. She hasn’t shown any interest swimming in the creek. Being very alert, she barks when someone walks by the house or the back fence. If a neighbor had a dog, she may bark at or with them, especially if left alone long periods. She is so agile, but has not shown any attempt to jump the fence. Bonnie is a gorgeous dog and her current foster family are not her adoptive family only as they think they are not the best family for Bonnie at this point. We are looking for a family that will be able to meet her energy and stimulation needs, being able to offer lots of exercise, compatible canine company with a large yard, or humans that are home more often than not. She will reward you with loyal lifelong companionship

Bonnie had a leg injury as a puppy which has been surgically fixed. There have been no signs of this injury impairing her mobility. Other then that Bonnie is a happy healthy girl, desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and flea & worm treated.