Breed: DSH
Gender: Male
Colour: Tabby and White
Date of Birth: 01/01/2020
Adoption Fee: $175

Having been in foster care for almost six months Arthur has made huge strides from an anxious cat you couldn’t touch, to an affectionate sweetheart that waits by your bed for morning head boops and chin rubs all the while snorting because he is too excited about pats.
I would describe Arthur as more of a dog than a cat. He loves to play fetch with his toys and will treat any toy you give him like a special possession. He enjoys his food and would do pretty much anything for a treat. He also wags his bob tail when he is happy (especially when you get home or about to feed him).
Arthur finds lots of confidence in other cats and desperately wants to groom and befriend his foster siblings so we would love to see him in a home with another cat. Because Arthur is from a hoarder house that had lots of other cats he developed cat flu that wasn’t treated for a very long time and as a result his second eye lids are a little flared up and get worse when he is stressed. This doesn’t stop him enjoying life and isn’t an ongoing medical issue you would need to worry about he just looks a little different, but it just adds to his sweet, goofy personality.
He would be suited to a quieter home with another cat and would take a little time to settle in but Arthur has so much love to give and has been waiting a long time for a forever home.