Breed: DSH
Gender: Male
Colour: Grey & White
Date of Birth: 20/10/2020
Adoption Fee: $305

About Charlie and Pepper
Charlie is a sweet and gentle boy. He can be a little shy at first but once he is comfortable in his surroundings he is very affectionate and loves human company. Charlie has an abnormal right eyeball, where his pupil does not contract normally in response to light, and is an irregular shape. He has been assessed by a vet and no health issue was identified, it is possibly a birth defect.

Charlie needs to be on a good quality wet/raw fed diet as he has trouble digesting dry food and can get quite constipated.
Charlie is otherwise a healthy and happy cat.

Pepper is a beautiful girl who will need a patient home to make her feel secure as she is still quite timid.

We think she hasn’t had much human contact in her life, as when she first came into foster care she was very afraid and would hiss and run away if approached. Pepper has since gained confidence but is still learning to trust humans and prefers to keep her distance.
Pepper’s safe place is her igloo bed, where she will allow you to give her a gentle scratch under the chin and trim her nails, she does not like to be picked up and held.

Charlie and Pepper are a bonded pair and need a quiet and loving home with a family who are willing to give them time to settle in, and who understands that Pepper may always be a timid and shy cat that likes her own space.
A home with no dogs and small children is preferred.

Charlie is approximately 9 months
Pepper is approximately 1 year 6 months