Dashi Kitten

Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Female
Colour: Tortoiseshell
Date of Birth: 01/12/2020
Adoption Fee: $250

Hello my name is Dashi!

I’m just under 6months old. I have a gorgeous short hair torti coat with a bit more ginger than other colours. Little Dashi is a soulful gentle kitten who loves affection and to cuddle up next to you, she is quiet and soft, not shy just gentle, but she can also be friendly and playful. Being a kitten, Dashi is inquisitive, (like all kittens) so Dashi will get into everything she can reach! At this age Dashi’s personality is still forming every day and she is a beautiful kitten with a lot of love and happiness to give in her forever home 🙂 She loves to play with your hands, snuggle, curl up on the couch with you or perch up on higher ground and watch the day go by. Dashi loves her resident rescue dog inka and often you’ll find her walking up to the dog for kisses and licks. Its very sweet.

If you have the love and time required for a kitten like Dashi, please send through an enquiry ASAP as she would love to meet you and won’t last long with that cute face! Dashi is an indoor ONLY cat, she is crate trained at night time (so she sleeps well), is litter trained and has a great appetite (current she eats high quality dry once a day + a mixture of raw meat & quality tin food).

Being a kitten she will need lots of fun stimulating and interactive toys and things to climb indoors and play on, think tunnels, scratch pads, large climbing poles, toys you can play and interact with them…
Dashi would suit a home where she will be the apple of your eye or with one of her kitten siblings! or dog who loves cats and is gentle and calm. She loves everyone!