Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Male
Colour: Black and White
Date of Birth: 26/02/2021
Adoption Fee: $250

The moment our Veggie Patch litter came into our care, we knew the littlest boy kitten with the big white face was the bravest of the bunch! Here’s a little bit about him:

Giving head-bumps and getting pats
Playing with his favourite toy, “Da Bird”
Chasing his siblings over and under the furniture

Minding his own business
Giving personal space
Being herded back into his enclosure

Beets has been the bearer of most of the ‘firsts’ amongst his brothers and sisters. He was the first to poke his cheeky little face out from ‘beneath the blankets’ to check out his surroundings. The first to strut across our legs as we sat for hours each day, still and silent as statues, trying to gain the trust of this little family. The first to cotton on to the fact that hands meant treats, and also brought about the flying feathers and wiggly toys he so loves to pounce at.

Fast forward two months, and Beets has taken out the award for Most Affectionate. He enjoys giving head-bumps to his people and his siblings, greeting us as we arrive and unzip the enclosure door, and cuddling up in blankets on our laps. He is also into EVERYTHING, and has discovered the joys of dashing madly around the house and over/under every piece of furniture.

Important: Beets, as one of the Veggie Patch litter, spent his first six weeks living in the backyard vegetable garden of a very kind stranger, and learning all about life from his ‘tough nut’ mum. Mum is a well-known ‘neighbourhood’ cat of no fixed address. As such, Beets may, at times, be a little wary about new people, loud noises or changes in his environment. He has not yet been picked up by us, but we have no doubt (given his love of affection) that he will be ok with this in his own family when he’s receiving more one-on-one attention and isn’t so busy playing with his siblings.