Breed: DSH
Gender: Male
Colour: Tabby
Date of Birth: 07/09/2020
Adoption Fee: $175

Owen is a sweet young lad who loves to play with anything, and we mean ANYTHING! Especially shoe laces! He adores playing with his foster brother and therefore would be best suited to a home where he has a furry playmate!

Owen is a cuddler and spends his nights curled up with his foster mum, either on her pillow or right beside her.

Like a lot of young cats, Owen LOVES food but has a bit of a sensitive tummy so his diet should continue on with Hills.

Owen has a physical abnormality in his hip joint in it being slightly out of alignment. This doesn’t affect his day to day activities and there is no specific care required at this stage, just that his muscles and ligaments need more time to develop – it does however mean he has an adorable walk!

Owen gets on well with other cats, dogs and children.

Can you give this guy the perfect home he deserves?