Breed: Domestic Medium Hair
Gender: Female
Colour: Black
Date of Birth: 28/11/2012
Adoption Fee: $218.75

Hello, I’m little Miss Arwin. I am the kind of girl who is shy when you first meet me but am bursting with personality once you get to know me.
I would love to move into my forever pet free home with my brother, Hershey. I love that big doofus and would be really sad if we spilt.
I am an alarm clock at breakfast time, but as soon as I am fed I will proceed with my daily routine of checking on the neighbours through the window, pestering my big brother, chasing toys, getting scratchies from you.
We love kids as long they are not too loud or rough with us – a 4yo and 9 year old visit us regularly and I love playing with them.
And because I am such a pretty girl, I do love it when I get my hair brushed. I love flashing my pretty green eyes to get what I want.

Hi! I am the handsome good boy, Hershey. I am sure my sister has mentioned how cool I am. My sister and I have had a pretty hard life, so sudden loud noises or yelling could scare us. Please be extra patient with me.
I would love to move into my forever pet free home with my sister, Arwin. She talks too much but I would be really sad if we spilt. When we first move in with you, please keep us together as I will go looking for her and will get really worried if I can’t find her.
This is usually something I would disclose on our 5th date but there is something you should know about me, my tail was cut short when I was younger, but it is not the size that matters, I can wag and shake it when I am super excited. I am sporty for a kitty, I love chasing toys around and have amazing reflexes.
I am the perfect boy, I would sit and listen to you about your day as long as you are cuddling me, giving me scratchies or brushing my coat with a soft brush. I will come and check on you and make sure you are ok during the day.