Diesel (with Dexie)

Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Male
Colour: White and Grey
Date of Birth: 24/08/2012
Adoption Fee: $168.75

Hello there,

We are two sweet senior brothers – Dexie (11 yo) and Diesel (9 yo).
We have always been part of a family but recently we found ourselves in a shetler when our hoomans had to move and couldnt take us due to unavoidable circumstances.

I am Dexie (11 year old) and I am the the elder one. You can recognise me by my magnificient tux. I love people and I am quite confident. I would start asking for pats and cuddles the moment I meet you.
I love our foster parents and during daytime, I supervise their work when they are working from home by climbing and settling on their desk and during nighttime, I curl up next to them or on their lap when they are watching TV. I have a very soft and long fur, and would benefit from regular brushing.
Did I tell you we love love pats and snuggles? I will seek you out throughout the day to be close to you and to give you a hug or a headbob.

My younger 9 year old brother Diesel is relatively shy but dont take his shyness as his reservation against hoomans. He LOVES people just as much as I do but takes time to start showing the same. He loves pats and is very affectionate. He is likely to look for a hiding spot for first few days until he feels relaxed to come out.
He too loves to curl up next to our foster mum while she is watching the TV or is working. He is the short haired one and looks as striking as me. Checkout his video to see how relaxed he is!

Our daily routine includes checking on the neighbors, passing pooches, flying birds through the window, snoozing in sunlight, supervising the work our hoomans are doing and getting pats and kisses from them.
We would love a house where we can get lots of sunny spots to snooze in and a great window to observe the world passing by.

Oh and did I mention that we both are gigantic!
We would prefer a house where we are the only furbabies (but don’t mind company) and we would love to have a hooman company around us as much as possible.