Breed: DMH
Gender: Male
Colour: Ginger and White
Date of Birth: 12/08/2019
Adoption Fee: $306

Bobby & Shelly, a double bundle of cuteness and curiosity.

Bobby is a happy cat that loves a pat, bum scratch and playing with his favourite toys. He’ll often make his way onto your bed in the mornings looking for a chin scratch. Bobby is a confident cat but will need some time to adjust to his new surroundings and doesn’t like forced interactions. When he’s ready for attention he’ll let you know.

Shelly is a young cat that is still learning to come out of her shell but loves to play with Bobby and explore her surroundings. She is very energetic and will spend hours chasing her favourite toys (and sometimes Bobby!). Shelly is still very wary and learning to trust humans. She is very timid and doesn’t enjoy pats just yet, but her friend Bobby is showing her the ropes and bringing her slowly out of her shell. Shelly has suspected case of severe asthma and as such can be heard coughing from time to time. She is currently using a slow feeder so that she doesn’t inhale her food or steal Bobby’s before he’s had a chance to eat!

These cats love their food, and you’ll often hear them chirping to each other and playing after they nap the day away! They love exploring and finding their hiding spots but will happily come out to play when they’re ready.

Bobby and Shelly will need a lot of patience as they are wary of new surroundings and people at first. Both can play a little rough so would be best suited to a house with no small children, a home that can respect their boundaries, and provide them with an indoor lifestyle. Currently they would prefer to be the only pets in the home.

Bobby and Shelly are located in Bentleigh.

(NOTE: Adoption fee is for both Bobby and Shelly)