Hi there, my name is Rue and I am 8 months old. According to my Foster Carer I am just a baby and a big boy full of curiosity, she calls me a “Curious Baby”. I don’t know why I’m fascinated by pretty much everything, especially running water! I love to watch my human brushing teeth, taking a shower or washing dishes in the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong as much as I love watching water run, I also love my Foster Carer and just want to keep her company. When she sits on the couch I am the first to sit next to her and enjoy the TV show she is watching. My foster Carer works hard in her study, I sit at the desk and supervise her. While our foster carer is out of the house my bother Sorrel plays with me so I won’t be too bored, we have sooo much fun together. Our favorite toy was Mitch the furry mouse. One day we played with Mitch so much he broke! Let’s just say he has no fur anymore. R.I.P Mitch. When our Foster Carer arrives home I run up to her and welcome her home with lots of Meows. Did I mention I’m a foodie? Yes! I love food, sometimes I help my brother eat his food as well. Our foster carer tries to stop me…..Sorrel can’t eat that much anyway.


Hey I’m Sorrel I’m Rue’s brother. Yes we were born on the same day, which makes me 8 months old also. My life philosophy is to be mature, independent and respectful of others need for personal space. My Foster Carer thinks I am shy, she says Rue and I are like chalk and cheese! I don’t want the humans in my life to worry too much, because I can take care of myself. I like to give my Foster Carer some space, I don’t annoy her all the time like Rue dose. Besides someone needs to keep an eye on Rue when our foster carer is out, or busy doing things around the house. I always distract Rue with a game of chasey and playing so he won’t cry for attention. One day we went too far and accidentally wore out our favorite toy mouse, affectionately known as Mitch. I love to join my Foster Carer on the couch at the e