Cinnamon is a beautiful natured young girl. She adores pats and will choose to snuggle with you on the couch or bed (as per typical cat behavior, only when it suits her of course!)

Cinnamon’s perfect home would be with a single person or couple wanting a companion. She will follow you around very closely. (She will own you so much that she will get under your feet, so not suitable for elderly or young children)

Her favorite toys are ping pong balls which she carries around in her mouth. She loves exploring the house and climbing!

She is a great help in the home office as you can see in the photo’s, often wanting your full attention by sitting on the keyboard – it’s great, never work alone at home again!

She is fine being left on her own during the day and will greet you at the door on your return with demands of affection – it’s lovely to come home to.

Cinnamon has not been tested with dogs.

She interacts well with other cats but is often on her own by choice – she can be an only cat or share a home with another resident cat. (Cinnamon’s sister Bella, is also available for adoption – maybe consider adopting them together?!)