Breed: DSH
Gender: Female
Colour: White and Fawn
Date of Birth: 01/02/2022
Adoption Fee: $250

About Purdie
Introducing Purdie who has mastered the sideways arched back sideways crab move, the up on back paws forepaws akimbo and bunny hops! Not so agile in the cone of shame she can still scale the bathroom door and balance like the best of them.

Purdie is the apex predator of the dogs tail, her favourite toys – the pink ball and the blue mouse as well as the shower puff.

As a queen with no pigment to her ear tips, Purdie would be best suited to being an indoor only cat!

She is curiosity personified and has perfected the zoomies
Snuggly on her own terms, beware the murder mittens. She would absolutely love to have a sibling to hang out with