Breed: DLH
Gender: Male
Colour: Ginger & White
Date of Birth: 10/04/2022
Adoption Fee: $450

Hello I’m Biscuit, my foster carer loves my ginger & white fluff. There is still some debate over if my fluff makes me a DMH or DLH cat. Either way I am cute, adorable and very affectionate fellow. I lead the way giving my sister Oreo the confidence to sit with the children on the couch, we also love playing with our much larger four legged friend Riley! Riley is such a gentle giant of a dog. Oreo & I love to play with his tail or rub up against his leg. My foster carer says I am mischievous and very adventurous. When I’m not playing with toys and Oreo, you will find the two of us curled up together sleeping.

Hey I’m Oreo and I adore my brother Biscuit. We are easy to tell apart I’m the one with the black & white fur, they say there is no doubt that I’m a DSH cat. I love my foster family including the children and Riley the resident dog. As soon as they sit on the couch I’m always the first one to curl up on a lap and purr really loudly. I always place a paw on their arm or hand, just to make sure they are still there as I nap. Biscuit has helped me a lot with my confidence when we moved in here with our foster family. My favorite place is to sit in the window, or to fall asleep in the sun shining through the window.

If you have sunny windows and warm laps to curl up on we are the brother and sister duo for you! You will be entertained by our antics, and loved with many cuddles and purrs of affection. Please click the green button to enquire how you can adopt us and become our forever family.

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