Lady Olena

Breed: Domestic Long Hair
Gender: Female
Colour: Calico
Date of Birth: 20/10/2011
Adoption Fee: $100

Olena is a lot of personality in one stunning little fluffy kitty body! She is very vocal and loves to chat to you about the weather, the current political climate, and whether Fords are better than Holdens. As you can see in the video, she really only gives one word replies, but that just means that she is a fantastic listener.

Olena has lived with both cats and dogs and she may be very happy in a home with a cat friendly dog, however, we are looking for a home with no other cats as she really does not like them. We also have a resident 9 year old child that she is quite keen on, although that may be because he drops a lot of food. She likes to sleep with him at night, often burrowing underneath the blanket.

She will sleep the day away and watch the birds through the window to chatter at them! Her fierce warrior spirit means that she will probably beat up all the neighbourhood cats, so best to keep them safe from her by allowing her access only to a secure outdoor enclosure.

If you’ve ever seen that diagram of where cats can and cannot be petted, you may have an idea of Olena’s personality. She can be quite temperamental, swinging from being the most annoyingly affectionate and demanding cat, to letting you know in a heartbeat that you may not touch her. She is learning that we understand and respect her, so will put her claws and teeth out enough to touch skin but not draw blood. As time goes on, we expect that she will realise that we would never hurt her, and so she needn’t be so quick to respond unhappily. This does mean that Olena needs a forever home that is able or willing to learn cat body language, and continue working with her on building a loving, trusting bond. Although she is fond of children, we would only recommend a home with older cat-savvy kids (if any) who can understand and accept that she is still learning.

If you think your life could use a little furry dictator, please enquire below: