Breed: Domestic shorthair
Gender: Male
Colour: Champagne Ginger
Date of Birth: 02/11/2022
Adoption Fee: $250

Hi, I’m Spice, but you can call me Sporty Spice. I’m your personal exercise coach, I can show you how to chase balls of paper whilst doing back flips and landing perfectly on all paws. I’m super slender and splendid and love to have a snooze right up close to you during the day, between chasing paper balls.

I’m super with kids! A beautiful hooman hands reared me with bottle milk, so I’m used to being handled, then a foster family with 2 small kids took me in and basically handled me like an accessory. I’ve never scratched them!

They’re as cute as me. I do like a playful nibble though, I’m only a kitten after all. The kid’s thought it was funny, just as well, because they’re delicious!!!!

Love from Spice x