The lovely Skits knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it. And what she wants are head scratches, preferably all the time.

Skits will meow at you, demanding attention every now and then, and turns on her purrs once she’s got what she wants. She hasn’t yet shown any sign of being a lap cat but will settle beside you.

Skits is also quite vocal about when she thinks she should be fed (breakfast, lunch and tea please!) and when she’s been on her own for long enough.

Although she is an older lady, Skits loves to play with a feather toy or little rattle mouse.

In care, Skits has been living with two resident cats, who she tolerates and also a resident dog who she hasn’t interacted with other than to observe from behind a baby gate.

Because of her age, while in care, Skits has been provided with steps to access any people beds or chairs and would need similar consideration in a new home.

She is a sweet lady, looking for a quiet retirement with lots of love.