Breed: Domestic short hair
Gender: Male
Colour: Tabby
Date of Birth: 22/08/2022
Adoption Fee: $250

Hi everyone, my name is Panko, and I’m currently living with my foster family and my new best friend Patsu! We’re a great pair and have been teaching each other a lot about how to be good cats, like how to play fight without claws and how to meow the loudest for food!

I’m a bit shy but if you approach me slowly and gently, I love being patted and having my head scratched! I’ll often nudge you and do circles around you asking for more pats!

I love play-fighting and running around the house with Patsu, and I love the interactive toys with my humans like the cat wand – a little fish on the end of a string and stick!

One of my favourite things to do is find floor cushions and sit on them, often to nap! Like my name suggests (panko=breadcrumb!) I love kneading pillows and blankets too, working hard to make all the bread for you!

I’m very food-oriented, if you need me out of a room and into another, just shake my food packet and I’ll come running! I’m not as crazy as Patsu though, I’ll leave your dinner alone!

I also have the squeakiest meow my foster humans have ever heard! It’s an octave above Patsu’s!

Things to note:

At meal times, Patsu and I go a bit crazy, so my humans have to be careful and put the bowls down in sync about arm’s length apart to stop us storming one bowl… It’s a tough world and I’m a bit smaller than Patsu so hey, I get excited!

I’m in the process of relearning to have trust in humans! But I am still affectionate if you’re patient with me, I’ll just need a bit more time and love. My foster parents have only recently been able to pick me up – I still squirm my way out but it’s a lot of progress since my first days here a month ago when I didn’t leave my cage for days! Each day is a new opportunity for growth and my foster parents have been so excited and blessed to watch me improve!

A word from my foster Mum:

Panko is a cute, quiet kitty that still loves to run around and play! Seeing his confidence grow every day has