Hi there my future fam,

I am a young kitten and I am very loving boy.
I LOVE relaxing, exploring , receiving pats, and talking to my foster parents.
I am a chatty cat and would talk to you when I need food or need pats.I love rubbing myself on my foster parents to show my affection.

I am a very confident cat and would greet you the moment I meet you and your guests.
I sometimes love standing up on my 2 legs, my foster mum calls me a little meercat, haha.

I have been around lots of cats in my foster homes, thus I can go well with a friendly feline company.

I am happy to be a solo cat as well as long as you can give me a nice bed, a window with sunny spot, a scratchy post and all the love.
I am an INDOOR ONLY cat.

If you think you could be my PURRFECT FUREVER family, please get in touch.