Lu Lu, also known as Lucky Luciano, is a king among kittens! If your heart could grow legs and turn into a cat, that would be Lu Lu. Lucky to be alive, Lu Lu is the most engaging, loving kitten who lives to be cuddled. Lu Lu is the one surviving kitten in his litter (as befitted by the lucky horse shoe pattern on his back), who was a little odd ball but has now grown into his features and is thriving as a small, lively and vivacious kitten. Lu Lu’s adopter needs to be one out of the box because Lu Lu deserves and will give all the love in the world! Named after the well known Lucky Luciano mafia boss, Lu Lu will dominate your family too, but with love, affection and purring lullabies! Lu Lu was hand raised and incase you haven’t gathered, Lu Lu is a very special kitten. We welcome applications, but whoever ends up with Lu Lu needs to be one heck of a human being! Good luck (:

Lu Lu must haves:
1. Lu Lu MUST go to a home with another friendly cat or dog to keep him company, as he loves to make friends!
2. Lu Lu would love a family who doesn’t work full time so that he can have cuddles during the day.
3. Lu Lu needs to be allowed on the bed!
4. Lu Lu must be an indoor only cat.

Lu Lu is 15 weeks old but is small for his age which will suggest that he will be a smaller adult when fully grown.

Lu Lu is currently in foster care in Moonee Ponds and would love to meet his forever family very soon!


Hi I’m Peanut!

I am a lap cat and my favourite thing to do is to plop myself on your lap and just purr away.
I’ll sleep anyway as long as it’s close to you.
I am a chatter bug! Tell me your day and I’ll be happy to chat right back to you.

My foster human calls me precious because I am a loving and affectionate cat.
My ideal home would be one without other kitties. Although I may be open to a home with other cat friends after slow introductions as I have not been exposed to other cats before.

I am a cute fluff ball ready to meet my furever family.
Send an enquiry to come and meet me!


Hi there, my name is Gigi. 😺

Before coming into care with my loving foster family, I found myself pregnant. I’m just a baby myself. Once in care, I gave birth to two beautiful babies, Honey and Oats (I may be biased, but check out the video, I am sure you will agree 🥰 ).

Honey and Oats have found themselves a wonderful forever family. Now it’s my turn to get spoiled and find a great loving home.

I am quite chatty, affectionate & love snuggling up to you in bed!

My ideal forever home would be one without other kitties, and I may be ok with a cat-friendly dog with slow introductions, however I haven’t been exposed to dogs before.

I don’t mind older kids, but younger ones overwhelm me.

An indoor-only lifestyle would be best for me.

I am currently living with my lovely foster humans in Hawthorn.

If you think you would be a purrfect match for me, please click the enquiry button and tell me a little about you (and your family).


Otis is a cheeky little snuggler. He loves nothing more than playing with his brother or the dog, and then finding a comfy place to rest. He purrs the minute is is with you. He would love a home with another friendly cat or dog, or even his brother Oscar.


Miss Lizzie is a stunning girl with a medium length coat, beautiful fluffy tail and forest looks to die for.

Lizzie is a friendly, playful girl who is currently in care with 3 resident cats and a dog. She loves to play with the other cats and her toys. She is not bothered by the dog at all.
Lizzie does love to hang out with the resident cats but is also a very independent girl and is happy to do her own thing, although she will call out and come looking fo you to check in.

She is a beautiful, gentle girl who will give you paw pats and head butts.

Lizzie would do well in a home with another playful cat/kitten.


Hi there, I’m Gnocchi I’m a stunning tortoiseshell with a warm and curious personality. I love exploring my house and finding the best sleeping spots (including under blankets and in beds!). I am super friendly and greet my foster carers with chirps and meows when they get home. I also adore playing with my cat foster brother and would love to move to a home with another cat I can play with.

As a young cat I have heaps of energy, so toys and other cats are a great way to keep me entertained when I am not sleeping (I love to sleep, particularly on fuzzy blankets). My favourite snack is tuna and I am not too fussed if my home is noisy or quiet so long as there are people there for me to hang out with in the evening. I also am a total lap cat that will jump on you as soon as you sit down!

Gnocchi is fully desexed, microchipped and vaccinated ready to go to her forever home.