Meet Poppy !

This one-year old cutie with big green eyes is the best cat you could get:

She is very affectionate, loves cuddles whilst sitting on the couch next to you (not a lap cat but loves to be near you), having her head, chin and belly rubbed and she will often stretch her whole body and give you a look that says “now please !” She purr’s very loudly!

She is very playful, loves her ball, her toys she swats as if there are 2 players in the game! She also loves ribbons, cardboard, boxes and anything that seems to fly. She has a lot of energy as she is still quite young, so will need to be with people who love to play with her.

She’s very curious, and adores watching the world go by out the window. She will explore every part of the house, but if she’s not supposed to touch something, a simple “no” will make her move on to the next curiosity. She would appreciate a larger home with lots of room to roam around in.

Although adventurous in her play time, she’s very shy, and can be scared by a noise or a new voice/presence. She will sometimes go hide under a couch or furniture for a moment, but she will always come back to you for some loving time and to feel safe again.

Poppy has a great personality and you will love witnessing her growing and becoming part of your family as she gains your trust.


KITTY HUNTER SPEAKING …. I want my hooman family to know the following information:

I can be a little bit shy until you buy me dinner, then I’m all yours.

I must have my Dine Creamy Treats (cause they are my favorite, although any treats are fine really I’m not food fussy!)

I must sleep on your bed and when it’s cold under the doona with you.

I must be with you when you are on your computer, I like to watch things on your screen move (my foster mum tells me it’s a mouse – so I might try to catch it sometimes!)

I MUST have another cat to worship me, snuggle with me and to learn my kitty manners from.

I must never be on my own or I will cry, hence I need a kitty or 2 to play with.

You’ll be super impressed by my loud puurrrrr.

Hunter is a gorgeous girl but doesn’t like to be on her own. She lives with 4 adult cats and a Maltese dog and is happy to run with the pack. She really does make a fuss and cry on her own hence MUST have one or more cats in your home for her to bond with.
She can be shy at first but will warm up fast, especially with food. She’s a bit food obsessed. She does get scared of loud noises and lots of activity but she is still a baby so understandable that she sees the whole world as huge and scary when you are only small!

Lord Bippins

Bip came from a pound all alone at 2 weeks old. He has been in foster care with birds, reptiles and 2 large rescue dogs who he plays and snuggles with. He is a sweet boy who loves to cuddle up and sleep on your chest, but he can also be adventurous, cheeky, and often gets the zoomies when he is running around and playing with his dog brothers. He is a loving and confident little boy who I’m sure will get along with any animal in the home.

Due to his life so far, he will probably best suit a home where he has existing animal friends to play with. He will also need to strictly be a indoor cat, but he does love to adventure in the cat proof yard (with supervision)


Hi, I am Mimi! I am a 3y.o. stunner who is looking for her forever home – is it with you?

I am a fluffy gal, quite acrobatic at times (with mixed results) and I LOVE being around my fave people.

Whatever you are up to, I am keen to be involved! I enjoy snuggling up on your lap (or laptop/keyboard), watching tv, and sleeping. When I’m relaxing, I usually like to stay in the same room as my human, just to y’know, keep one eye on you, and keep the other eye staring at the world outside the window.

I enjoy my food and treats…maybe a touch too much. Okay I admit, I could lose a few grams (well that’s what the vet said anyway) and I might need your help with this. I am great around new people and visitors but I haven’t had much time around kids, although older kids would probably be acceptable (only if they provide lots of gentle pats).

I can be quite playful and love a good piece of string to attack, a box to jump in and balls to chase. After I am worn out, a solid snooze in the sun is ideal.

Ideally I am the only pet in the house because let’s face it, I need to be the sole recipient of everyone’s love and attention. My ideal home would be with someone who is home most of the time (but not essential), given how social I am. I really do love my people!

Preferably you have a secure outside area, but this is not a requirement. I am very curious about the outdoors but my foster carer has not been successful with getting me into a harness for safe exploring.

I am a healthy and happy girl looking for my FURever home, could this be with you?

Please note: Mimi has recently been desexed and has also had some teeth extracted. She has recovered well!


About Gemma
Gemma is a gorgeous, friendly girl who makes for a great, chilled companion. She is a 7 year old adult who is constantly serving up stunning looks with her beautiful eyes and adorable sock markings.

She can be independent and is alright to be left to do her own thing, but also loves company and won’t pass up a chance to cuddle up next to you on the couch or find a comfy spot near your desk if working from home. Under-neck scratches make her melt!

Gemma loves having all of the attention to herself so she would be best in a home where she is the only pet.

This pretty lady likes to the chance to explore and soak up some sunny rays outside, so a home with supervised backyard time or an outdoor enclosure would be perfect for her.

Gemma is a healthy girl, and still gets regular bouts of the zoomies where she’ll be chasing toys from one end of the house to the other and providing many laughs.


Hi, my name is Snowy!

I am a sweet, affectionate young lady looking for my furever home. My foster mummy calls me her Velcro baby, as I love to follow her and snuggle every chance I get. It did take me some time to become Velcro baby as I can sometimes be shy, but once I trust you, I will love, love LOVE you! I still sometimes get a little scared by loud noises and quick movements, but hey – who doesn’t?

I would love a furever home that is cruisy and quiet, just like me… Except when I purr – my foster mummy says I purr like a steam train! I don’t really like other furkids, so would love to be the one and only furbaby to rule my hoomans.

Because of my pretty white fur, I need to find a home where I am inside only. That sun will be mean to my skin otherwise. I have a few scabs on my ears which will need to be monitored.
As I will be an indoor-only kitty, I’d like lots of indoor space to explore.

The vet person also found some yucky teeth when they desexed me, so took most of them out (they left the lucky 2). I feel so much better now that they are gone, and I am still clever enough to eat both wet and dry food. My gums are all healed and will not need any special care moving forward.

Do you think that you could be my furever family?

Snowy is currently located in Caulfield North.