Mr Scrumples

Mr Scrumples is looking for a special home. Mr Scrumples is FIV positive so will need a home with no resident kitties, or another FIV positive one. Regular medication and a special diet will be required to be maintained (refer medical notes below). Being FIV+ means MR Scrumples will also need to be kept indoors only.

While maintaining his independency, Mr Scrumples is a love bug, simply adoring a snuggle, chin and head scratch (as you can see by the video!). This senior fella has been living with a doggo and would be fine to go to a home with a calm canine buddy.

Mr Scrumples’ age means he is a little more learned and comfortable with people, settling in pretty quickly and would prefer a quiet home where he can retire in reasonable peace, at his own terms!

This cute senior love bug has gorgeous long hair that is currently growing back after a bit of a trim and groom (tre chic in his jumper to keep him warm and healthy!), and it will need to be regularly groomed and brushed.

If you have a spare spot on your lap, or couch for this smoochy and chatty older gent, please don’t hesitate to apply.

Lady Olena

Olena is a lot of personality in one stunning little fluffy kitty body! She is very vocal and loves to chat to you about the weather, the current political climate, and whether Fords are better than Holdens. As you can see in the video, she really only gives one word replies, but that just means that she is a fantastic listener.

Olena has lived with both cats and dogs and she may be very happy in a home with a cat friendly dog, however, we are looking for a home with no other cats as she really does not like them. We also have a resident 9 year old child that she is quite keen on, although that may be because he drops a lot of food. She likes to sleep with him at night, often burrowing underneath the blanket.

She will sleep the day away and watch the birds through the window to chatter at them! Her fierce warrior spirit means that she will probably beat up all the neighbourhood cats, so best to keep them safe from her by allowing her access only to a secure outdoor enclosure.

If you’ve ever seen that diagram of where cats can and cannot be petted, you may have an idea of Olena’s personality. She can be quite temperamental, swinging from being the most annoyingly affectionate and demanding cat, to letting you know in a heartbeat that you may not touch her. She is learning that we understand and respect her, so will put her claws and teeth out enough to touch skin but not draw blood. As time goes on, we expect that she will realise that we would never hurt her, and so she needn’t be so quick to respond unhappily. This does mean that Olena needs a forever home that is able or willing to learn cat body language, and continue working with her on building a loving, trusting bond. Although she is fond of children, we would only recommend a home with older cat-savvy kids (if any) who can understand and accept that she is still learning.

If you think your life could use a little furry dictator, please enquire below:


This sweet sweet girl will be your puuurfect shadow. She will follow you everywhere you go!

Hazel loves playing with her toys, including chasing balls and crashing into walls during her pursuit.

She loves big stretches and scratching on her post.

She will be suited to a home where her human is home more often than not and can provide her with lots of enrichment, along with an indoor-only lifestyle.

Hazel is your typical high energy torti, who may do well in a home with another kitty-confident cat, otherwise she’d prefer to be your one and only. A home without dogs or children would be best.

Hazel is located in Roxburgh Park.

Wendy (aka Apricat)

HI I’m Wendy.
My Foster Carer has taken me in when my owner was no longer able to take care of me. His warmth and patience has helped me feel right at home in his house. I have enjoyed the sunny windows which let in such bright sunshine, I can sleep all day long and keep warm. If it gets too hot you can find me curled up on the couch, a bed or underneath a blanket! When I’m not sleeping any toy on a string I will chase if you are willing to play with me.

Other animals are ok only if they are quiet and keep to themselves. I also love a scratch under the chin, if you find the purrrrfect spot I will not move until your hand gets sore and you stop. My foster carer knows when it is dinner time because I do not stop talking until he puts food in my bowl. At the end of a busy day I will curl up next to you on the couch or on the arm of the couch, I am never very far away.

If you have sunny windows, soft comfy beds and couches I would loved to come keep you company. Please click the green button to find out how we can be friends forever!
Please don’t forget to read my Medical notes, I will need you to give me tablets which I will eat out of your hand.

Medical notes
Wendy has Epilepsy which is controlled by the medication she has every day. She takes the tablet quickly & easily.

Wendy is also desexed, wormed, vaccinated & microchipped


Hi I’m Raisin and I’m a biiiiiiiiggggggg smoocher.
One of my favourite pastimes is trying to trip over my foster mum by seeing just how many times I can wind in and out of her legs….especially when she has her hands full of my dinner.
I love to play and bash up my siblings, chase a mouse toy, pounce on a dangler and just be a crazy, loveable kitten. I have a witching hour each day where I love to do zoomies around my foster mums house, so be prepared!
I have a really big purr and once you find the right smooching spot, I will flop over on my side for a belly rub.
I will need to be adopted with either one of my siblings, or my furever family needs to have a young friendly cat, who will want to play with me and help me get into mischief.
I am good with small dogs and don’t mind young kids either…making me the purrfect family cat.
I will be ready to join my new family from the 30th of May as Im waiting to be desexed
If you think I may be the purrfect match for you, please enquire today!


Kiwi is an independent kitty, who will take time to feel comfortable in her new environment.

She prefers a quiet home with just 1 or 2 people who will understand that she may never be a lap cat or seek out attention.

Kiwi likes to spend the day tucked away in the tiniest nook she can find.

During the night, it’s a completely different story. This is the time she will be out exploring the house. She loves to chase lasers and look out the window.

Kiwi is still learning to not be afraid of humans and their hands. Once comfortable she will tolerate a few pats when she’s eating.

Kiwi is seeking a home where she will be your one and only and a home without children. As a companion cat she would also require an indoor only lifestyle (or access to a secure outdoor enclosure).

Kiwi would also be suitable as a barn cat, given her timid nature.

Kiwi is located in Pascoe Vale South.