Lucky is a curious little fella, a sweet boy who just wants to be around you. He’ll follow you around the house and loves a lap to curl up on. He doesn’t like being picked up and carried much, but enjoys all the cuddles he can get when sitting or lying on you.

He knows when feeding time is, and in typical cat fashion can get a little bit impatient – slave human – if you dare to be late. The rest of the time he is a happy, mostly calm, purry cat, although he does get the zoomies about once a day. He is missing a few teeth, so requires special dental dry food, but that doesn’t stop him from playing with his favourite toys which he likes to play catch and hunt with.

We don’t know Lucky’s actual age but estimate he’s around 10 years old. He has lived on the street for a lot of his life and was rescued a few years ago. He tries to meow, however, he might have lost some of his voice on the street. The vets have assured us there is nothing medically wrong, so he just can’t meow but makes a kind of gentle hissing sound instead, which is actually really cute.

Lucky doesn’t like to stay by himself for too long throughout the day, so he would suit a home where someone is around more often than not to keep him company. His ideal home would be a quiet, single person/couple home where he is the only pet, as he doesn’t cope with other animals or children.

As Lucky has a pale pink nose, with a small lesion that gets worse with direct sunlight, he needs to be a purely indoor cat.


A rugged Australian fur-man. Who has spent many years defending his castle from underneath the floorboards but has hung up his boxing gloves in retirement. Like old school men, he loves a kiss n cuddle and is a big softie.
Being groomed is not his favourite unless it’s to fluff his manly chest mane. He also loves a bit of ear knuckle massage in lieu of a radox bath.

If you’re lucky, the chin goes up, motor starts, and some dribbly kisses… noice. Buckey has ignored the cancer council advice and loves to work on his tan.. between 11 and 3… not under a tree.
He likes to do gym sessions late at night, but not a fan of leg day.
A bit behind the times and a bit daggy old dad but a good boy at heart.

Medical Note: Buckey is FIV+

If you have some love to give, and room for a beautiful soul, please enquire below for more information or to apply.


Kestrel and Lorikeet (bonded brother and sister)

These lovely sweethearts are looking for a quiet home where they can relax and be each other’s best friends.

Kestrel is a gorgeous, sweet boy who just wants to be around you! He’ll follow you from room to room and he loves to be picked up and snuggled. Kestrel has ataxia, which means he’s a little uncoordinated. He’s perfectly happy and isn’t in any pain. He has no issues with the litter box and has a healthy appetite.

Lorikeet mostly keeps to herself, but can be found playing with Kestrel, helping him with grooming and napping alongside him.

These two spent the first 18 months of their lives in the pound. There are quite shy, but have come out of their shells more and more after a few months with their foster carer. They have big loud purrs and they LOVE toys! They are best friends and can be heard calling to each other to find out where the other is.

These gorgeous kitties aren’t particularly needy; they will give you sweet feline company while making sure you have your space. They would be best suited to a quiet home.


I’m a sweet cuddly 5 year old champagne tabby boy who just needs loving patient fur parents. I’m quite shy for the first week or two but then I won’t leave you alone and may even go crazy for toys or socks (yes at 2am).

I absolutely love to bird watch and gaze out the window. I do need a little safe space to run to when I’m scared as well – I will find all the hiding places. Love to hang on the couch with you and snuggle up at night with you too so you don’t get lonely.

I may look a little rough around the edges as have stress induced alopecia. I get a little itchy in the heat or when I’m stressed so I am on a special diet so please only feed me that and no other foods!!! I have tablets that I will gobble up with my food during flare ups when the cream doesn’t help. I don’t mind a quick grooming session with the cream either, so don’t worry about scratches from me.

I’m looking for a quiet forever home with an older family or a few people to hang with more often than not. I can get quite flighty with loud abrupt noises and movements. I will need you to keep an eye on my skin and manage as needed. But most of all I want parents who will give me tummy rubs and let me sit next to them 24/7.

Medical notes
Atopical dermatitis – stress and heat induced. Strict diet and solid mangement plan and Roofy will take tablets easily with food. Roofy is ok to have cream applied to face.


Our beautiful Bella came into care thought to be pregnant with a litter of kittens. This turned out not to be the case!

Bella is a gorgeous independent soul who doesn’t need much in life to enjoy herself. She is in need of a child and pet free home where she can rule the roost!

Give her a view of the outside world, some warm and sunny spots to relax and this girl is set! As mentioned, Bella is quite independent and she will come to you for a pat when she wants, not the other way around!

If you can give this gorgeous girl what she needs, please don’t hesitate to enquire as soon as possible!

Please note that due to Bella’s timidness, we will only be holding virtual meet and greets. Bella may take a few months to settle into her new home so patience is a must!

Bella’s foster family is located in Doncaster East, Victoria.


Hi, my name is Snowy!

I am a sweet, affectionate young lady looking for my furever home. My foster mummy calls me her Velcro baby, as I love to follow her and snuggle every chance I get. It did take me some time to become Velcro baby as I can sometimes be shy, but once I trust you, I will love, love LOVE you! I still sometimes get a little scared by loud noises and quick movements, but hey – who doesn’t?

I would love a furever home that is cruisy and quiet, just like me… Except when I purr – my foster mummy says I purr like a steam train! I don’t really like other furkids, so would love to be the one and only furbaby to rule my hoomans.

Because of my pretty white fur, I need to find a home where I am inside only. Sadly because I have been in the sun in my earlier years, this has resulted in cancer on my ears. So I had surgery recently to remove the tips of my ears. This doesn’t make me any less adorable, as you can see. As an indoor-only kitty, I’d like lots of indoor space to explore.

The vet person also found some yucky teeth when they desexed me, so took most of them out (they left the lucky 2). I feel so much better now that they are gone, and I am still clever enough to eat both wet and dry food. My gums are all healed and will not need any special care moving forward.

Do you think that you could be my furever family?

Snowy is currently located in Moonee Ponds.